Monday, November 22, 2010

Great 3-in-1 Coffee with a Perfect Blend

Rarely you find some product from the past that will just find its way back in the grocery shelf. Blend 45. I remember the Susan Roces commercial about this back in the 80s. I remember how plump and good those morning dew moistened coffee "cherry" fruits were being hand picked and turned in coffee from it's coffee "seeds." It was one beverage that I liked best to try when I was a kid. No kidding.

Fast forward. I was pleasantly surprised that Universal Robina Corporation took the chance to revive the product. Why? I never tried Blend 45. I was always eyeing this Yellow, Red, and Brown product off the grocery shelf but my mom would always get Nescafé. Drats. I finally had the chance right now - tall and mature - to actually try it. I bought the 3-in-1 Instant Coffee sachets and went home happy. 

Breakfast was usually Kopiko Coffee for me. I didn't like the Nescafé taste. I just got used to it but one morning, my wife, brought out this coffee that got my taste buds excited. I asked her if she brewed coffee or something. No, it's Blend 45 she said and this got me more excited. It's got that taste that - if you like Nescafé - will get you more excited because of the indescribable aroma that I can't love more. I now have a coffee I can call my own and it's Blend 45. It even cost less than Nescafé and Kopiko because I think it's introducing itself again in the market. It's less than 4 pesos. Why don't you try it.

Image Credit: Vintage Blend 45 ad:

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Was Lotto manipulated back in the days?

(Mandaluyong) IN THEORY there would be more people betting on the lotto prize of more than Php500,000,000.00 today but interestingly no one has won it yet. In comparison, I was told that during President Arroyo's time Malacañang Palace officials would win it more than one time. How true is this? If this is true, did PCSO had itself used for the wrong purpose? I'm researching this right now and it would be a heinous crime to fool the citizens of this nation. Just a (creepy) thought.

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Mabuhay, new 2010 CNN Woman Hero!

(Mandaluyong) A WOMAN who rescued and rehabilitated more than 10,000 young girls from sex slavery received CNN's 2010 Heroes Award after eight weeks of online voting by the public. Anuradha Koirala saved young women from sex brothels in the Nepal-India border child trafficking is rampant. "Human trafficking is a crime, a heinous crime, a shame to humanity," Koirala said after she was introduced in the recently concluded awarding ceremony. 

Her dangerous work started in 1993 and it birthed the Maiti Nepal foundation that rehabilitated a lot of young girls who were victims of this crime. Demi Moore, who along with his husband, Ashton Kutcher, said that her organization, "provided more than a shelter for these girls and young women, she has created a home. It is a place for them to heal, go to school, learn a skill, and for some who are infected with HIV/AIDS, it is the place where they can spend their days surrounded by love." 

She and the rest of the nominated Heroes for 2010 deserves the Mabuhay praise for her outstanding work and achievement that should be emulated more and more by the next generation.

To be involved in curbing and eventually eliminating Child Trafficking, I encourage you to visit Koirala's Foundation, the Maiti Nepal, and also get to know more one how to get yourself involved in SCTNow (Stop Child Trafficking Now) a foundation of Christians who are working to stop this kind of crime.

Click this CNN Heroes story link to know more about this heart-warming and encouraging story of our new CNN Hero.

Acknowledgement: CNNJohn Shearer of for Efren and Koirala's photos

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"Daddy. . .are you okay?"

My left foot stepped on a slope of a curb on my way to get our car to attend a church seminar on parenting. It was embarrassing. I literally collapsed in view of about twenty tricycle drivers converged on the other side of the road and a bunch of beauty parlor clients behind me who probably saw everything. It was painful. Not my pride - it's the farthest thing from my mind. I quickly recovered and was able to come into a one leg kneeling position waiting for the numbing pain to subside. A good minute passed then I stood up to walk, injured but walking - albeit slowly and painfully still.

I continued walking to my car, which is about a good 30 yards away. Ack! Eck! Argh! I thought to myself as neighbors cautiously ask me what happened. Each step was excruciating. I smiled and said, "natapilok ako."

Night time. Malou helped prepare a bucket full of ice and water and dipped my swelling left foot in it. "Aaaaaa!" It was more painful. I couldn't believe how painful it was. At this, my one year and eleven months old son, Kye, came and started rubbing my legs as I lay on our couch. With his innocent voice he ask me, "Daddy. . .are you okay?" It was still very painful - mind you - but I was amazed at how concerned he was. He understands. I couldn't care less what happened to me now when your son who, at his very, very young age, know that his dad is not okay and he was showing that much care.

Day two. It's Sunday morning and I wrote this piece in honor of God who taught me to teach and demonstrate love that I am now getting from my son. I never wrote anything about my fatherhood (which was one of the main purpose of this blog) experiences. I blinked and now here. I'm glad I blinked. It's was one of those moments that you would like to read over and over as time passes by. 

My son. I love my son. Thank you God.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mandaluyong, Lubusin ang Pera sa Basura

Basura. Pinandidirihan. Kinasusuklaman. Mabaho. Madumi. Pinagsisimulan ng sakit. Siguro pero hindi bagay na nabubulok ang aking sinasabi kung hindi ang pag-recycle ng basurang pwede pang gamitin.

Siguro iniisip ninyo na ang pag-re-recyle as isang bagay na hindi natin kailangan dahil ang issue ng pera at pagkain ang laging nasa isipan natin. Tama iyon pero puwede ba tayong kumain na hindi na iisipin ang pag-hinga? Dapat sabay, tama? 

Kailangan natin mag-recycle. Ang pag-isip kung magagamit pa ang basura ay dapat bigyang halaga upang lalo natin matulungan ang sarili natin. Paano? Sa pag-iisip ng paraan ng pag-re-recycle! Mapapakinabangan pa ba ang lumang diyaryo? Nagamit mong bote? Lumang damit? Tandaan, pera mo ang ginamit ng pambili sa bagay na ginamit mo. Hindi ba dapat pa nating lubusin ang paggamit nito na walang karagdagang paggastos pa? 

Sa artikulong nakita ko sa website (na ingles), tutulungan ka nitong bigyan ka ng idea upang makapag-recylce sa mga bagay na araw-araw mong ginagamit. Sa Amerika man ang halimbawa sa nakasulat dito, ang mga tips na binibigay nila dito ay makakatulong na lubusan. Sa puno't dulo nito, ikaw ay hindi lang nakakatulong sa iyong kapwa, ikaw din ay nagpapahalaga sa bagay na nabili mo ng iyong pawis (pera). Handa ka nang basahin ito? I-click mo'to.

Ito ang una kong artikulo na handog ko sa bayan ng Mandaluyong upang makatulong sa kapwa ko residente para sa ikakaunlad ng ating pamumuhay.

Mandaluyong, lubusin ang pera mo. Mag-recycle tayo!

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What?! 'Pink' Lucky Me! Noodles?

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While doing my stock replenishment at a nearby supermarket, I chanced upon a very odd-looking product that caught my attention. It's pink and it's squeezed in the middle of the Lucky Me! Noodles section. I took it and discovered, it's Lucky Me!'s new product called, "Pork Ribs." Hahaha. I was not amused by the flavor but by the radical way Monde Nissin colored their new instant noodle invention. We always know that red and orange is the most attractive way to associate your product with food but pink? What gives? 


I researched the product online and it was so new, it's not even in Lucky Me!'s product page. Anyway, I bought five and placed it on my store's shelf. 


Cooling Station will always be carrying new, interesting, and tasty products that customers can try. It will be a good addition to the store's market that devours instant noodle soups and canton variants like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha. Let's see how they will react to a new pink noodle soup.  

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nescafe's Brown N' Creamy is out

Nescafe recently released its new three-in-one coffee products in the market called, Nescafe Brown N' Creamy 3-in-1 coffee. It is an apparent response to Kopiko's Brown Coffee and the market's growing taste and preference for coffee that has the "brown sugar" taste.

It's not as sweet and not as creamy, unfortunately. Kopiko Brown's Coffee is creamier and a smoother feel to it. Nescafe's is not like that and it's not good when the product claims to be creamy when it's actually not. But of course, that's me. Kopiko's edge is that it got out first, and it became the standard for this variant of three-in-one coffees. You have to have love for Nescafe to actually like this product. My verdict out of five stars? It's two stars only. But if you're a Nescafe loyalist and want to try this product, go check it out at Cooling Station. The product retails for Php6/sachet but we had to sell it at Php7.

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Complete meal and advice website for Diabetics

Are you afflicted with diabetes? Do you know anyone who has it? If you want to help, refer them this website called Diabetic Gourmet. It has advice and tips you need to help them live a better life. It also gives valuable information for those who need to know more about diabetes. You don't need to second guess on how to help yourself and those you love. 

But the best part about this site is that it provides a book-full of recipes that doesn't apologize for the flavors it promises to make meal time a great time for diabetics. Check Diabetic Gourmet now and don't forget to bookmark it. Watch out for more related food finds and reviews as we unearth valuable information for you. Click Cooling Station to find where we are today.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Five (absurd) Thoughts Should 'P-Noy' Get Excommunicated

Let's say the Roman Catholic church continues with its excommunication of the president, what would happen next? Below are five thoughts (serious and farcical) that proves this move is counter-productive:

1. The church will be in danger of becoming irrelevant - At the end of the day, the government will continue to function and the president can convert to another Jesus-centered denomination? Will the government disenfranchise the Roman Catholic church? Interesting.

2. Jesus never excommunicated - Though the bible hinted on excluding a person out of the body of Christ, Jesus never said a message that a sinner can never repent and be part of the church once again. Did Jesus ever send fireballs from heaven to kill the Pharisees and those who condemned him? He teaches us to love our enemies right?

3. Excommunication is just on paper - The word means to suspend or to be deprived or to be out of communion. What does the Roman Catholic faith mean by this? It's just a paper. The person can just move on with his life and still believe in Jesus.

4. The Roman Catholic church will be sending the wrong signal - The church will cast fear on its members and it will be counter-productive. It could even mean excommunicating majority of its members. Why? Who follows the teachings the Roman Catholics give faithfully?  Lately, there are twenty-one incidents of excommunication in the 21st Century alone. See if the following things fall under the society's category.

5. We'll be included in the Guinness World Records (again!) for the first president to ever get excommunicated while in office.

So will excommunication ever prosper in light of this situation with the Philippines' birth control? I don't agree with abortion as well but I agree to President Aquino's point that the husband-and-wife should decide on matters like this. The only danger here is if the Roman Catholic church never taught its laity on the best possible decision that they will never regret. Abstention may be good but to stop short of telling them why is not progressive. Now, teaching faith that God will provide the kids' and parents' needs are best option to go. It's now up to the parents to decide for themselves but yes, never abort a kid when it's conceived.

If you want to know my initial thoughts about this whole deal between the government and the Roman Catholic church when the news became big, read it here.

Photo Credits: Pope, President Aquino

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Would Excommunicating The President Solve Rising Population?

By now, the government is bent in curbing the rising population that it believes contributes to the poverty of this nation. On the clergy side, it's the issue of abortion that they go against. So what can anybody do about this situation? 

I think the Roman Catholic church is missing the point in this matter. It is the duty of the government to impose laws that will help the state deal with economic issues. It may not be the proverbial silver bullet that will end poverty - the government knows that - but it will be doing something to give the choice directly in the hands of the laity. The church on the other hand has the golden opportunity to reveal the message of faith and grace to which the gospel clearly says about such problems we face as a society. The church is not doing enough, however, and this is causing much support to the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

So what if the church excommunicated the president? Would that change the scenario? It's one bullying tactic after another between the government and the Roman Catholic church and this does not solve anything.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why is the RP Hostage-Taking, 83-Page Report only 59 Pages?

Curious how extensive and fast the investigation of the August 23 bungled hostage rescue drama, I downloaded a copy of the IIRC-prepared report and I immediately noticed that it only contained 59 pages out of the supposed 83-page report promised. What happened to the other 24 pages? What does it contain? I ask because the Aquino-led government is saying that it is promoting transparency, which I appreciate. But if they're going to promote transparency, why weren't there news about the missing 24 pages that the public needs to know? Why isn't the media pursuing this angle? Frustrating how our media is not thorough in shedding light in simple observations like this.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lawmaker's bill shows RP's desperation in basketball

“The 15th Congress has a unique opportunity to make a concrete contribution to our efforts to regain lost glory in international competitions,'' said Puno.

A congressman from Antipolo, Rizal filed a bill and attempt to make two foreign basketball athletes become Filipinos. The move is legit and there probably aren't any laws to bar the said legislator from doing what he did. If the law is passed and we become champions, he is definitely putting every Filipinos dream to capture the crown a reality. But he is also causing a dent to capture the crown legitimately. Here's why: (1) We're sending a signal that we really can't do it (win the basketball crown in Asia) without these foreigners - great as they are; (2) The congressman is showing a bad example to children that if you can't win it - you can change the rules - as you please; (3) It will show the world that we win contests by technicalities (FIBA rules), using loopholes to win contests.

What kind of culture are we teaching kids who are playing sports? What kind of culture are we teaching our children by passing House Bill No. 2307?

To describe my utter disgust with this lawmaker's reason for filing this bill, here's what he commented to the media, "The 15th Congress has a unique opportunity to make a concrete contribution to our efforts to regain lost glory in international competitions."

Frankly, congressman, I'm not desperate to giveaway passports in exchange for trophies and "lost glory." If you're Filipino - you're Filipino. Period.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What’s common between Captain Mendoza and Venus Raj?

 “Mean what you say and say what you mean.”

The biggest blunder the recent “Major, major” twin tragedies (excuse me for bringing this up again but it’s a must) that happened in the hostage-taking drama and Ms. Universe were all about miscommunication. You can never be wrong in taking communication for granted.

If the dismissed Captain Mendoza were true to his heart to say that he will not hurt his hostages, he may still live up to his family's honor. If Venus Raj (Ms. Philippines) humbly used a translator to answer her question and not be purely overwhelmed by the emotions of the pageant, she wouldn’t be finishing 4th runner up in the recent 2010 Ms. Universe pageant.

“Ask,” I always tell people when they’re not sure of what they’re observing because through more information, you can never go wrong. Using the right communication, we will avoid fights, quarrels, and God forbid – death and yes, 4th runner up finishes.

If you want to improve your communication, read this article and improve your skills keeping peace wherever you work and live. The article headlines ten things you should never forget when talking to anybody. If you are one that gets a lot of complaints when people talk to you, this article is for you.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Emmys recognizes Filipino illustrator

We're raking it in. US-based Filipino Illustrator Joseph 'Joe' Andrew Mateo, 38, won an accolade most of us (especially artists) would only dream of - winning the Emmys. Joseph has been featured so many times in the past by several media outfits showcasing his journey from his mediocre artist life to the most-renowned illustrator artist that he became known to be today.

Mateo won the Emmys for the upcoming Pixar-Disney produced made-for-TV feature-length animation, "Prep and Landing." If you've watched any Pixar movie before like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Up, then you wouldn't be a stranger to this newest offering. It's funny, full of humor, and all the sensibilities of a Disney movie. Mateo's career of fifteen years in Disney is definitely bearing more fruit than he could ever imagine. It's giving a lot of local artist in the country hopes and dreams to hone their craft and be given that chance for recognition. To see some of his works, watch Prep and Landing's behind the scenes here.

Congratulations, Joe and mabuhay!

Read more articles about Joe Mateo here:
Philippine Star (June 3, 2007)

Watch the trailer here:

Disney's Prep and Landing website


Photos by:

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2010 Emmys recognizes Filipino illustrator

We're raking it in. US-based Filipino Illustrator Joseph 'Joe' Andrew Mateo, 38, won an accolade most of us (especially artists) would only dream of - winning the Emmys. Joseph has been featured so many times in the past by several media outfits showcasing his journey from his mediocre artist life to the most-renowned illustrator artist that he became known to be today.

Mateo won the Emmys for the upcoming Pixar-Disney produced made-for-TV feature-length animation, "Prep and Landing." If you've watched any Pixar movie before like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Up, then you wouldn't be a stranger to this newest offering. It's funny, full of humor, and all the sensibilities of a Disney movie. Mateo's career of fifteen years in Disney is definitely bearing more fruit than he could ever imagine. It's giving a lot of local artist in the country hopes and dreams to hone their craft and be given that chance for recognition. To see some of his works, watch Prep and Landing's behind the scenes here.

Congratulations, Joe and mabuhay!

Read more articles about Joe Mateo here:
Philippine Star (June 3, 2007)

Watch the trailer here:

Disney's Prep and Landing website


Photos by:

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Filipina named California Chief Justice

If in case you haven't heard yet, another Filipina (and the very first Filipino at that) made me proud again a day after another Filipina took the 4th place title of Ms. Universe. This proud daughter of The Philippines stepped on to become the Chief Justice position of the state of California, Court of Appeals Associate Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye. Cantil-Sakauye was handpicked by Governor Schwarzenegger for her ability "to independently and fairly interpret and administer the law." Her conservative roots started when she took law in UC Davis and served as deputy District Attorney in Sacramento County. Before becoming an Associate Justice of the Third District Court of Appeals, she was the superior court judge and municipal court judge, serving in each position for seven years.

You can watch the confirmation happen, even honoring her Filipino roots, in a second-generation recording of this event with Philippine News.

From me and from everyone, Hon. Cantil-Sakauye, mabuhay and congratulations as you become one of the many people who make this nation proud.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eight shallow questions about last night's hostage drama

Nothing will justify what former policeman Rolando Mendoza did last night to make the public take his side but what is more troubling is how the police did their job. Obviously, the police did not do a stellar performance in saving more lives or avoiding bloodshed during the drama and this brings forth a lot of questions what should have or shouldn't have happened. This goes the same with the media coverage: Did the presence of media hampered the effectiveness of the police operation? We just don't know. I'm posting some of those questions below to open discussion and learn valuable lessons from this as a concerned citizen of this nation. This will educate us and give us a broader understanding about the unfortunate incident that took place last night.

On the policeman's dismissal - We all know the disgruntled police officer snapped after hearing he lost his job from the service courtesy of the investigation made by the Office of the Ombudsman:

  1. Why wasn't the former policeman's motion for reconsideration heard?
  2. How many more cases like this is happening or will happen because the authorities in justice are not doing their job?

Just before the shooting started - It started minutes after the police (with full media coverage) took the hostage taker's brother into custody
  1. Who authorized the arrest of the brother of the hostage taker that potentially started the situation?
  2. Did the police know that the tourist bus have a television monitor to know what was going on when they arrested the brother of the hostage taker?
  3. Didn't they know that the media will swarm on the arrest of the hostage taker's brother?

On the assault - If you watched the live or taped coverage of the drama, you'll have the same questions
  1. What were the SWAT doing smashing the windows instead of using night vision goggles to track down Mendoza inside the bus?
  2. In smashing the windows why were the police lacking materials to perform their operation like having ladders to smash the windows?
  3. Why did the SWAT team go inside the bus without night vision goggles or even a flash light?

Photo credit: Pat Roque/AP (bus) / (rolando mendoza)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is this public-owned vehicle doing in Megamall?

Due diligence is a must to keep the public aware (in this case, Manila City residents) of public officials wanton abuse of our tax money for their own private needs.

This pictures were taken today (Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary day) at SM Megamall Building B, around 11:30 AM, at its second level parking. The two Manila City Tax-owned vehicles with District 1 Manila Congressman Asilo's name on it, were parked right in front of the mall's doors. Notice how they took out the plate number of the public vehicle to avoid being detected. However, they could not take away the conduction sticker off the windshield of the vehicle. They thought they won't be detected.

Ninoy's death in 1984 was the Filipinos' awakening of his/her consciousness of what should be done to right the wrong.

Does Rep. Atong Asilo know this? Does Mayor Alfredo Lim know this?

It's sad that such barangay public officials just don't get it. Let's fire these abusive people, please.

Download now or watch on posterous
Video007.3gp (84 KB)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starbucks is now offering Free wifi

This news is from the U.S. but the main question now is when would Starbucks Philippines implement this? This is definitely great news especially to the Filipino market who loves to go online with their new found multimedia toys like iPhone, iPads, Macbooks, Vaios, and other smart phones. To many of the online community, this initiative by the coffee shop giant is long overdue. Starbucks is a place for reading books, studying, and research. Having this new feature will give more people reasons to go and enjoy the ambiance this Seattle-based coffee place offers. After this great news, you should know that Starbucks will also offer exclusive content only they could give customers. It's called Starbucks Digital Network or SDN. The said network will offer exclusive customers exclusive content only they could provide. According to, when online inside their shops customers will get to choose five channels to get exclusive content for their purpose: News, Entertainment, Wellness, Business & Careers and My Neighborhood. Now, how exclusive this will be relies heavily on how enjoyable the experience is. Right now, it sounds promising, with Apple iTunes providing free downloads in the Entertainment channel of this SDN. The other providers are The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

With this new feature, I sure hope Starbucks will win more customers but like I said it all depends on what their content can provide customers so we'll see how this will figure out in their operations.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Google Wave Will Live

No matter how much bashing Google Wave gets, I still think this Google application is a genius. The moment I got wind of its Beta testing, I requested for an account and started toying with it. As soon as I started using it, I saw all the possibilities that I can do with it to help me in my work and personal life. In fact, I dubbed it as the "Facebook-killer" because you can do so much more interactivity with it. In fact, I find Facebook (FB) mundane nowadays - reading other people's stats is not really that interesting for me. Yes FB gets me connected with other people but I need something more useful and meaningful that will last longer than pop culture - hint-hint.

People, especially in the Philippines, love chatting and sharing stories with one another. And Google Wave is perfect for that. In fact you can never go wrong with chatting because people need to exchange words than just posting and not knowing if people will connect or not. Google Wave thread any conversations (like gmail, of course) you make but with photos and other visual capabilities that could make the interaction more meaningful. You can share pictures, do polling, plan events, draft and edit documents, share music and videos, brainstorm. . .there's so much possibilities you can do with it. In fact, people that I asked to try it said they liked it too - especially when we start editing work online and real time.

With all the promise Google Wave can give me, I hope Google will not take The Wave out. I like the wave and there's huge potential in what it can do to help people get meaningful connections both at home and at work. I feel Google Wave didn't get the chance to be known more for people to enjoy its full potential.

Aside from "Facebook-killer," do you want to know what other names I gave it to tell people about it? Other names I gave were "Yahoo! Messenger on Steroids" or "Email meets Facebook meets Yahoo! Messenger." How can you not love Google Wave?

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Punishment for polluters: clean ‘esteros’ for a week -, Philippine News for Filipinos

Punish litterers - DENR

I never read this headline during the Arroyo government. At last, we can really say that we care about our community and that we will not allow litter people trash our neighborhood. It's good that Sec. Paje is doing his research now to make sure people pay for the consequences.

I'm sure this measure will have to be legislated and/or passed through city or municipal ordinance. However this measure should go, the citizens should not be blind to say that our allegiance to President Aquino is support for our community. Mabuhay, Secretary Paje!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


If you want to read the full text of President Aquino's inaugural speech, this is it as published in (and thank you to) The Philippines Star (dated, July 1, 2010):


His Excellency Jose Ramos Horta, Former President Fidel V. Ramos, Former President Joseph Estrada, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and members of the Senate, House Speaker Prospero Nograles and members of the House, justices of the Supreme Court, members of the foreign delegations,Your Excellencies of the diplomatic corps, fellow colleagues in government, aking mga kababayan.

Ang pagtayo ko dito ngayon ay patunay na kayo ang aking tunay na lakas. Hindi ko inakala na darating tayo sa puntong ito, na ako’y manunumpa sa harap ninyo bilang inyong Pangulo. Hindi ko pinangarap maging tagapagtaguyod ng pag-asa at tagapagmana ng mga suliranin ng ating bayan.

Ang layunin ko sa buhay ay simple lang: maging tapat sa aking mga magulang at sa bayan bilang isang marangal na anak, mabait na kuya, at mabuting mamamayan.
Nilabanan ng aking ama ang diktaturya at ibinuwis niya ang kanyang buhay para tubusin ang ating demokrasya. Inalay ng aking ina ang kanyang buhay upang pangalagaan ang demokrasyang ito. Ilalaan ko ang aking buhay para siguraduhin na ang ating demokrasya ay kapaki-pakinabang sa bawat isa. Namuhunan na kami ng dugo at handang gawin itong muli kung kinakailangan.

Tanyag man ang aking mga magulang at ang kanilang mga nagawa, alam ko rin ang problema ng ordinaryong mamamayan. Alam nating lahat ang pakiramdam na magkaroon ng pamahalaang bulag at bingi. Alam natin ang pakiramdam na mapagkaitan ng hustisya, na mabalewala ng mga taong pinagkatiwalaan at inatasan nating maging ating tagapagtanggol.

Kayo ba ay minsan ring nalimutan ng pamahalaang inyong iniluklok sa puwesto? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay nagtiis na sa trapiko para lamang masingitan ng isang naghahari-hariang de-wangwang sa kalsada? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay sawang-sawa na sa pamahalaang sa halip na magsilbi sa taumbayan ay kailangan pa nila itong pagpasensiyahan at tiisin? Ako rin.

Katulad ninyo ako. Marami na sa atin ang bumoto gamit ang kanilang paa – nilisan na nila ang ating bansa sa kanilang paghahanap ng pagbabago at katahimikan.  Tiniis nila ang hirap, sinugod ang panganib sa ibang bansa dahil doon may pag-asa kahit kaunti na dito sa atin ay hindi nila nakikita. Sa iilang sandali na sarili ko lang ang aking inaalala, pati ako ay napag-isip din — talaga bang hindi na mababago ang pamamahala natin dito? Hindi kaya nasa ibang bansa ang katahimikang hinahanap ko? Saan ba nakasulat na kailangang puro pagtitiis ang tadhana ng Pilipino?

Ngayon, sa araw na ito — dito magwawakas ang pamumunong manhid sa mga daing ng taumbayan. Hindi si Noynoy ang gumawa ng paraan, kayo ang dahilan kung bakit ngayon, magtatapos na ang pagtitiis ng sambayanan. Ito naman ang umpisa ng kalbaryo ko, ngunit kung marami tayong magpapasan ng krus ay kakayanin natin ito, gaano man kabigat.

Sa tulong ng wastong pamamahala sa mga darating na taon, maiibsan din ang marami nating problema. Ang tadhana ng Pilipino ay babalik sa tamang kalagayan, na sa bawat taon pabawas ng pabawas ang problema ng Pinoy na nagsusumikap at may kasiguruhan sila na magiging tuloy-tuloy na ang pagbuti ng kanilang sitwasyon.
Kami ay narito para magsilbi at hindi para maghari. Ang mandato ninyo sa amin ay pagbabago —  isang malinaw na utos para ayusin ang gobyerno at lipunan mula sa pamahalaang iilan lamang ang nakikinabang tungo sa isang pamahalaang kabutihan ng mamamayan ang pinangangalagaan.

Ang mandatong ito ay isa kung saan kayo at ang inyong pangulo ay nagkasundo para sa pagbabago — isang paninindigan na ipinangako ko noong kampanya at tinanggap ninyo noong araw ng halalan.

Sigaw natin noong kampanya: “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” Hindi lamang ito pang slogan o pang poster —  ito ang mga prinsipyong tinatayuan at nagsisilbing batayan ng ating administrasyon.

Ang ating pangunahing tungkulin ay ang magsikap na maiangat ang bansa mula sa kahirapan, sa pamamagitan ng pagpapairal ng katapatan at mabuting pamamalakad sa pamahalaan.

Ang unang hakbang ay ang pagkakaroon ng tuwid at tapat na hanay ng mga pinuno. Magsisimula ito sa akin. Sisikapin kong maging isang mabuting ehemplo. Hinding hindi ko sasayangin ang tiwalang ipinagkaloob ninyo sa akin. Sisiguraduhin ko na ganito rin ang adhikain ng aking Gabinete at ng mga magiging kasama sa ating pamahalaan.

Naniniwala akong hindi lahat ng nagsisilbi sa gobyerno ay corrupt. Sa katunayan, mas marami sa kanila ay tapat. Pinili nilang maglingkod sa gobyerno upang gumawa ng kabutihan. Ngayon, magkakaroon na sila ng pagkakataong magpakitang-gilas. Inaasahan natin sila sa pagsupil ng korapsyon sa loob mismo ng burukrasya.
Sa mga itinalaga sa paraang labag sa batas, ito ang aking babala: sisimulan natin ang pagbabalik ng tiwala sa pamamagitan ng pag-usisa sa mga “midnight appointments.” Sana ay magsilbi itong babala sa mga nag-iisip na ipagpatuloy ang baluktot na kalakarang nakasanayan na ng marami.
Sa mga kapuspalad nating mga kababayan, ngayon, ang pamahalaan ang inyong kampeon.

Hindi natin ipagpapaliban ang mga pangangailangan ng ating mga estudyante, kaya’t sisikapin nating punan ang kakulangan sa ating mga silid-aralan.
Unti-unti din nating babawasan ang mga kakulangan sa imprastraktura para sa transportasyon, turismo at pangangalakal. Mula ngayon, hindi na puwede ang “puwede na” pagdating sa mga kalye, tulay at gusali dahil magiging responsibilidad ng mga kontratista ang panatilihing nasa mabuting kalagayan ang mga proyekto nila.

Bubuhayin natin ang programang “emergency employment” ng dating pangulong Corazon Aquino sa pagtatayo ng mga bagong imprastraktura na ito. Ito ay magbibigay ng trabaho sa mga local na komunidad at makakatulong sa pagpapalago ng kanila at ng ating ekonomiya.

Hindi kami magiging sanhi ng inyong pasakit at perwisyo. Palalakasin natin ang koleksyon at pupuksain natin ang korapsyon sa Kawanihan ng Rentas Internas at Bureau of Customs para mapondohan natin ang ating mga hinahangad para sa lahat, tulad ng:
·           dekalidad na edukasyon, kabilang ang edukasyong bokasyonal para makapaghanap ng marangal na trabaho ang hindi makapag-kolehiyo;
·           serbisyong pangkalusugan, tulad ng Philhealth para sa lahat sa loob ng tatlong taon;
·           tirahan sa loob ng mga ligtas na komunidad.

Palalakasin at palalaguin natin ang bilang ng ating kasundaluhan at kapulisan, hindi para tugunan ang interes ng mga naghahari-harian, ngunit para proteksyunan ang mamamayan. Itinataya nila ang kanilang buhay para mayroong pagkakataon sa katahimikan at kapayapaan sa sambayanan. Dumoble na ang populasyong kanilang binabantayan, nanatili naman sila sa bilang. Hindi tama na ang nagmamalasakit ay kinakawawa.

Kung dati ay may fertilizer scam, ngayon ay may kalinga na tunay para sa mga magsasaka. Tutulungan natin sila sa irigasyon, extension services, at sa pagbenta ng kanilang produkto sa pinakamataas na presyong maaari.

Inaatasan natin si papasok na Kalihim Alcala na magtayo ng mga trading centers kung saan diretso na ang magsasaka sa mamimili — lalaktawan natin ang gitna, kasama na ang kotong cop. Sa ganitong paraan, ang dating napupunta sa gitna ay maari nang paghatian ng magsasaka at mamimili.

Gagawin nating kaaya-aya sa negosyante ang ating bansa. We will cut red tape dramatically and implement stable economic policies. We will level the playing field for investors and make government an enabler, not a hindrance, to business. Sa ganitong paraan lamang natin mapupunan ang kakulangan ng trabaho para sa ating mga mamamayan.

Layunin nating paramihin ang trabaho dito sa ating bansa upang hindi na kailanganin ang mangibang-bansa para makahanap ng trabaho. Ngunit habang ito ay hindi pa natin naaabot, inaatasan ko ang mga kawani ng DFA, POEA, OWWA at iba pang mga kinauukulang ahensiya na mas lalo pang paigtingin ang pagtugon sa mga hinaing at pangangailangan ng ating mga overseas Filipino workers.

Papaigtingin namin ang proseso ng konsultasyon at pag-uulat sa taumbayan. Sisikapin naming isakatuparan ang nakasaad sa ating Konstitusyon na kinikilala ang karapatan ng mamamayan na magkaroon ng kaalaman ukol sa mga pampublikong alintana.

Binuhay natin ang diwa ng people power noong kampanya. Ipagpatuloy natin ito tungo sa tuwid at tapat na pamamahala. Ang naniniwala sa people power ay nakatuon sa kapwa at hindi sa sarili.

Sa mga nang-api sa akin, kaya ko kayong patawarin, at pinapatawad ko na kayo. Sa mga nang-api sa sambayanan, wala akong karapatan na limutin ang inyong mga kasalanan.

To those who are talking about reconciliation, if they mean that they would like us to simply forget about the wrongs that they have committed in the past, we have this to say: there can be no reconciliation without justice. Sa paglimot ng pagkakasala, sinisigurado mong mauulit muli ang mga pagkakasalang ito. Secretary de Lima, you have your marching orders. Begin the process of providing true and complete justice for all.

Ikinagagalak din naming ibahagi sa inyo ang pagtanggap ni dating Chief Justice Hilario Davide sa hamon ng pagtatatag at pamumuno sa isang Truth Commission na magbibigay linaw sa maraming kahinahinalang isyu na hanggang ngayon ay walang kasagutan at resolusyon.

Ang sinumang nagkamali ay kailangang humarap sa hustisya. Hindi maaaring patuloy ang kalakaran ng walang pananagutan at tuloy na pang-aapi.

My government will be sincere in dealing with all the peoples of Mindanao. We are committed to a peaceful and just settlement of conflicts, inclusive of the interests of all — may they be Lumads, Bangsamoro or Christian.

We shalL defeat the enemy by wielding the tools of justice, social reform, and equitable governance leading to a better life. Sa tamang pamamahala gaganda ang buhay ng lahat, at sa buhay na maganda, sino pa ang gugustuhing bumalik sa panahon ng pang-aapi?

Kung kasama ko kayo, maitataguyod natin ang isang bayan kung saan pantay-pantay ang pagkakataon, dahil pantay-pantay nating ginagampanan ang ating mga pananagutan.

Kamakailan lamang, ang bawat isa sa atin ay nanindigan sa presinto. Bumoto tayo ayon sa ating karapatan at konsensiya. Hindi tayo umatras sa tungkulin nating ipaglaban ang karapatang ito.

Pagkatapos ng bilangan, pinatunayan ninyo na ang tao ang tunay na lakas ng bayan.

Ito ang kahalagahan ng ating demokrasya. Ito ang pundasyon ng ating pagkakaisa. Nangampanya tayo para sapagbabago. Dahil dito taas-noo muli ang Pilipino. Tayong lahat ay kabilang sa isang bansa kung saan maaari nang mangarap muli.

To our friends and neighbors around the world, we are ready to take our place as a reliable member of the community of nations, a nation serious about its commitments and which harmonizes its national interests with its international responsibilities.We will be a predictable and consistent place for investment, a nation where everyone will say, “it all works.”

Inaanyayahan ko kayo ngayon na manumpa sa ating mga sarili, sa sambayanan, WALANG MAIIWAN.

Walang pangingibang-bayan at gastusan na walang wastong dahilan. Walang pagtatalikod sa mga salitang binitawan noong kampanya, ngayon at hanggang sa mga susunod pang pagsubok na pagdadaanan sa loob ng anim na taon.

Walang lamangan, walang padrino at walang pagnanakaw. Walang wang-wang, walang counterflow, walang tong. Panahon na upang tayo ay muling magkawang-gawa.
 Nandito tayo ngayon dahil sama-sama tayong nanindigan at nagtiwala na may pag-asa.

The people who are behind us dared to dream. Today, the dream starts to become a reality. Sa inyong mga nag-iisip pa kung tutulong kayo sa pagpasan ng ating krus, isa lang ang aking tanong — kung kailan tayo nanalo, saka pa ba kayo susuko?

Kayo ang boss ko, kaya’t hindi maaaring hindi ako makinig sa mga utos ninyo. We will design and implement an interaction and feedback mechanism that can effectively respond to the people’s needs and aspirations.

Kayo ang nagdala sa akin sa puntong ito — ang ating mga volunteers — matanda, bata, celebrity, ordinaryong tao, na umikot sa Pilipinas para ikampanya ang pagbabago; ang aking mga kasambahay, na nag-asikaso ng lahat ng aking mga personal na pangangailangan; ang aking pamilya, kaibigan at katrabaho, na dumamay, nag-alaga at nagbigay ng suporta sa akin; ang ating mga abogado, na nagpuyat para bantayan ang ating mga boto at siguraduhing mabibilang ang bawat isa; ang aking mga kapartido at kaalyado na kasama kong nangahas mangarap; at ang milyun-milyong Pilipinong nagkaisa, nagtiwala at hindi nawalan ng pag-asa — nasa inyo ang aking taus-pusong pasasalamat.

Hindi ko makakayang harapin ang aking mga magulang, at kayong mga nagdala sa akin sa yugto ng buhay kong ito, kung hindi ko maisasakatuparan ang aking mga binitawang salita sa araw na ito.

My parents sought nothing less and died for nothing less than democracy, peace and prosperity. I am blessed by this legacy. I shall carry the torch forward.
Layunin ko na sa pagbaba ko sa katungkulan, masasabi ng lahat na malayo na ang narating natin sa pagtahak ng tuwid na landas at mas maganda na ang kinabukasang ipapamana natin sa susunod na henerasyon. Samahan ninyo ako sa pagtatapos ng laban na ito. Tayo na sa tuwid na landas.
Maraming salamat po at mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DTI makes Gift Certififcates 'Expiration-less'

As a result, there will no longer be any expiration period for GCs except for those issued as part of a promotion, Trade Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya said Monday.

For some consumers, this is will be a lasting gift from the Arroyo-led Department of Trade and Industry (DTI): Gift Certificates without expiration.

Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya announced yesterday that the DTI signed a memorandum lifting restrictions on when Gift Certificates are supposed to be used. In effect, it will order all retail establishments to honor gift certificates that have expiration dates on them. The only restriction retained are those certificates issued under a promo that are 'time-bound'.

This is great news especially with the Rustan's Gift Certificate I'm holding on to, which I won during a game at a friend's wedding - more than a year ago. I don't really shop at Rustan's plus this certificate has a lot of restrictions so I have yet to decide, which item I can use it to buy things on. I'm biding my time because it has no expiration date and I don't shop at Rustan's. However, I do agree that money spent on Gift Certificates should not have deadlines on them - where do you see legal tenders having a deadline? That's ridiculous.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

On iPhone 4: Why Philippines have it better?

If you haven't heard the news lately, Apple just released an official statement about their iPhone 4's flaw. Apparently, Apple integrated the unit's antenna into the case of the smart phone. Bad move. When using a phone like this, you usually hold the area where they say it shouldn't be held on. That's why it's funny when Apple big boss, Steve Jobs, said this, "Just avoid holding it in that way."

The board room meeting in Apple HQ about this problem have ended already and production for the iPhone 4 Gen II should be out by middle next year. That's not Apple talking - that's me calculating when a new iPhone 4 with this new feature will come out.

While the world got hold of their new Apple gadget, the Philippines can wait and buy a much improved and more sensible iPhone 4. Who says being a third world country don't have its perks?

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arroyo Admin to Aquino Admin: Be kind and fair to Arroyo

"I wish that those coming in to govern in the coming weeks will understand, as they start engaging bureaucracy and the people in government, that they’re there to support. They should not look at our brothers and sisters in government as just people sitting around, and using their position for their own personal interest." - Donald Dee, PCCI Member

I wonder what he and Sec. Bautista-Horn means when they said to be fair with President Arroyo. Their statements want me to ask two questions: If they have nothing to hide, why fear? and Is President-elect Aquino that vindictive and blood-thirsty to put outgoing President Arroyo behind bars?

For Sec. Bautista-Horn's part, I think she got it all wrong if she thinks all the Filipinos ever want to have are infrastructures. I think it's wrong to surmise that all we want are tall buildings, modern trains, and tough bridges. In my opinion, the good secretary should've just be humble enough that the Arroyo Administration has all these to offer and we hope the incoming administration could just further help the Filipinos in their plight until 2016. Something like that. But to suggest what people should feel is not within their rights. Unsolved social injustices, railroading congress, and unaccountable system of governance does not even merit a grade of "good." It's poor and it's compromising the moral fibers of our nation. Lastly, I don't like what Sec. Bautista-Horn said, ". . .I am very hopeful that the next President will further build on our achievements for the greater good of our people." "Our achievements," Ms. Horn? As far as I'm concerned, I think you should've just termed it as "these achievements" because you sound like somebody owes something to this administration. I think the Filipino people do not appreciate tangible progress without the intangible progress.

For Mr. Dee's remarks, it makes me want to ask why people would think that everyone inside the administration are just "sitting around, and using their position for their own personal interest." Are you saying exactly what people thinks? If that was so then you hit the bull's eye. Your statements should be answered with, "if there's smoke, there must be fire." And you just admitted that there is something hugely wrong with this administration's branding and system of governance.

To the men and women of President Arroyo's administration, "Thank you." You guys did your best under the circumstances. But never dictate what those you serve should think about this administration. Allow the people to reap what you worked on and just agree with the statement said once before to allow history decide on what Pres. Arroyo and her administration did. If you think you did enough then that's probably good for you but let us think for ourselves.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

La Nina threatens Australia

It sounds funny to actually imagine that Australia will be bombarded by buckets full of water but that imagery does not bode well for those who will be affected by the continuous downpour of rain. Because of trash, clogged drainage, and undisciplined neighbors of ours - we are bound to suffer more than our neighbors down under. What is the government doing about it right now? Who's overseeing the progress of taking out the clogged sewer system we have in the city? Are we planting more than we should? The hot summer months killed most of the trees that's supposed to hold rain water from the highlands. What are we doing to remedy the situation? What are we doing to prevent disastrous problems?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coke 'bitin'

[Bē-tin] Colloquial for not being able to satisfy your needs in the Filipino vernacular. That's how I perceive Coca Cola right now. For those runs a business, it's tough isn't it? You have to know the business from inside and out. You have to feel your customers. Coca Cola, on the other hand, is acting like it never knew how to conduct good business practices.

Since February this year, Coca Cola has not supplied customers and store outlets consistently. A lot of the business it supports died already or is dying - including ours. We're exclusive Coca Cola wholesalers yet Coke couldn't supply the needs our customers (retail stores) are asking for.  

In terms of communication, Coca Cola has done poorly. It sent mixed signals about its state. So much so that rumors started circulating. A lot of people were saying that the soda giant is on the brink of bankruptcy - suffering from huge lawsuits that they're facing from allegedly a poisoned soda.

Another story surfaced stating more than two months ago that Coke is suffering from logistical problems. The story goes that Coke is in need of more bottles because the demand is greater than they could every fulfill and this is causing them problems. Yet another story came out stating that Coca Cola is suffering from its previous business handler. It's a long story but its basically putting the blame on the latter. And there are more stories that are going around. There's probably a hundred more stories floating and none of them are validated.

What's the point? You remain quiet - stories will circulate. Nasty stories. And Coke does not need that when they're already reaping good publicity out of their "Coke is Happiness" advertising campaign.

Coca Cola is basically managing its operations and public relations poorly.

In a book I read somewhere in Fully Booked that the employers of your business are not the ones who funded the business - it's your customers. If this is Coke's way of treating its customers by not being forthright with its business partners and customers then they have every right to fire Coke.

They are missing the fact that we're partners but by doing this they don't even know what they're talking about. And like their promises to budding business like ours - they're basically empty like this bottle.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brazil's flood warning to The Philippines

I am taking the Rio Largo, Brazil flood as a warning to our country and I can't just sit down and pray that something changes. Though I do not discount the power of prayer - it is also my duty to act in my faith to remind my countrymen to do something about the flood that we've seen destroyed homes, properties, and even lives.

What are we doing, as a people, to prevent this?

This is the second time I will say it in my blogs. These floods are a warning to all of us who will soon be naming the next destructive storm that will precede Ondoy. I'm being sarcastic. Why wait? Let's do something about it and prepare for the heavy rains as much as the oath-taking of the next president. While we're on that topic, why not pray for President-elect Noynoy.

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Charice joins Glee

Charice Pempengco, the YouTube star that became a big hit in the US is now joining Glee as a guest. We could only wish her the best even more.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scary Flash Rain Preview of 2010

Minutes before 6 PM, rain poured as the sun sets and the effect was reminiscent of Ondoy.

My family went for a short ride to San Juan to look for a restaurant where we will celebrate Father's Day. As we head off north on EDSA, rain started to pour: frist drizzle-then came the rain.

I read stories of flashfloods in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Europe, and India early this year and seeing how water was pouring hard gave me chilling thoughts of what Philippines was up to this year since we just experienced El Niño over the hottest-dry season on record. I'm also scared because our nation is still preparing for the new president's oath-taking by the end of this month. You also have President Arroyo winding down her work as Administrator and Commander-In-Chief and preparing her exit.

While driving around for ten minutes, I said "Let's go home." The hard rain reminded me of Ondoy and all I could think about was getting home. Big puddles of rain water started to form at the two outer lanes of EDSA causing more traffic as cars and buses alike drive at a snail's pace to avoid more accidents. I turned on my hazard lights (and so did others) to help others see me.

"This is a perfect disaster forming." I thought. With everyone turning their attention on other government matters, the residents are about to get hit by this storm system that not even the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa)  was able to warn us. I documented the experience and posted it on CNN's iReport so netizens can help me warn others about this potential disaster.

I'm not being pessimistic but for all intents and purposes, I just want this to be something that the Philippine government (outgoing and incoming) should focus on more this year. I am sure that flood-control, environment protection and its awareness, and disaster management will be one of President-elect Noynoy Aquino's acid tests of his job in the first 100 days in office. As they prepare for the party, I hope this government and the incoming one should be talking to avert any further loss of lives as we brace for La Niña. Let's wait and see as I pray for our people and the government to act decisively and fast.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fail: This Bishop thinks public schools can harm children

Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) president Msgr. Gerardo Santos said such transfers may hurt the students’ “psychological and emotional" side.

I think we're sending the wrong signal to our children and creating a bigger divide by saying this. I was private school educated from Don Bosco Makati and University of Sto. Tomas and I think people who got their schooling from cities with Integrated Schools and City Universities ('Pamantasan') have same - if not better - qualifications to lead after they graduate.

We're forgetting that education is the same and culture is what you make out of it. I think the bishop should address the concern of parents who are not instilling values to their children. How are they handling their values system and what is feeding the minds of parents that nurtures the minds of the children? The Bishop forgets that education starts from the home. I think that's where the psychological and emotional fears that should be addressed immediately.

Besides, our kids should be taught how to relate to any kid no matter what status they have in their lives. And if we do that then we're teaching our kids right.

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Binay, President-elect Aquino's first test

But pressed about Binay's preference for the DILG portfolio, Aquino said, "That's his right as a citizen, to express his opinion.

More and more it is becoming apparent that Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay will be President-elect Aquino's first acid test in his job as president. Binay made it clear after congress confirmed his election win that he wants the Interior and Local Government portfolio. Personally, I wonder why he wants that post so badly. I also think it was in bad taste for him to voice his preference when Aquino hasn't vetted any candidate yet for most of the cabinet positions in government.

Will Aquino give way to Binay? Will Binay become Aquino's thorn and be the opposition? More importantly, how will the nation react?

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hybrid rice from RP coming soon!

I'm proud of our continuing progress in the rice industry. This hybrid rice should help a lot of farmers, a lot of millers, a lot of retailers, and homes. It's great to know that we are continuing to develop our main staple and make more Filipinos happy. I'm proud of those people directly supporting this project. Let's keep it up.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Steve Jobs to crowd: 'We're having a little problem here'

"Well, I'm sorry, guys, I don't know what's going on,. . ."

Stever Jobs always wows the crowd with his remarkable presentations. I haven't been to one (and I wish I could see him do product launches in Manila - dream on) but you can just imagine how he weaves his magic and uses such tools like iPhones and iPads to push his product. This time, though, he was lost for words and couldn't get the wifi network to get back one. The whole thing happened - for what seemed to be for Jobs like an eternity - during his iPhone 4 product launch but the audience were forgiving. But they weren't as nice to AT&T who provided the wifi network to this event. Nonetheless, it was a welcome not that such an iconic person like Jobs is human afterall and that no matter how un-stellar the presentation was, people love Mac right now - no matter what.

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Obama and BP

A variety of critics have accused Obama of being too cerebral in his reaction to the undersea gusher now fouling the Gulf of Mexico . . .

"Too cerebral?" I think President Obama deserves more respect than that. These critics, which the media overstates further, that we either have a leader who doesn't think or one that thinks deliberately before he acts. None of them makes anyone happy.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Filipino recorded asteroid impact on Jupiter

This is my third blog post something about Filipinos. This time, it's something to be proud about.

If you have not caught the news yet, a Cebuano-based astronomer named Christopher Go was one of only two people in the world to catch the rare asteroid impact on the gaseous planet, Jupiter, last June 3.

The fireball was as big as planet earth, Go said, and it only lasted for two seconds. Catch it here.

Posted via email from Mabuhay

What's so funny about Filipino Time?

It's almost like a joke to a lot of my countrymen when they mention "Filipino Time" like it's the best thing that our culture has to offer the world.

Filipinos are so much into humor and mentioning this seems like it's always said in jest. But who's laughing when you think that "Filipino Time" actually means being late. The challenge with our modern culture is to actually kill this notion and have everyone start on time.

I remembered posting a meeting announcement recently for residents where I live. In big bold letters, I wrote the phrase - "We'll start on time." - at the bottom. I posted the announcement six days before the date and visible enough because it's right in front of the elevator doors. I started on time without waiting for other people to come in. We started on the dot. Late residents probably didn't like what I did but the five of those who came early appreciated that I took my words seriously. Everyone's time is valuable. You set a time - you mean it.

To help our nation BE ON TIME, I posted the link where everyone can sync their watches with the World Time Server. I guess this is the start to make Filipino Time means ON TIME.

Jesus said, "Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." (Matthew 5:37)

Imagine that.

WORLD TIME SERVER - click here to see what time it is REALLY in Manila.

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Can someone help me with

I don't know what's going on but this has got to be fixed. Nearby Tweets is a place where you can connect from anyone near where you live. However, I don't know what's going on with my account after signing in because its not giving me the results that I want. However, I'm almost sure there's a browser problem because I used my other computer (PC) and it worked fine there. I'm using a Mac here and Mozilla Firefox v. 3.6.3 to browse the site. It's just giving me this "refreshing tweets" sign and it's not doing anything.

I hope someone can give me answers fast because it's a great application but it's not working on my 'top.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

CONSUMER ALERT! McDo in US pulls back toxic tainted glasses

This news just popped out of my Tweetdeck minutes ago and we, Filipino consumers, should beware. The said glasses' painted designs were tainted with cadmium - a metallic element - that could cause bone softening and kidney problems. It's good that these drinking glasses are found in the United States but you wonder if such products end up in the Philippines — and aghast! What if these products are sent to the Philippines to be sold to us? Who's regulating these from our local government? Who's protecting us? If you know anyone from the health department, customs, or anybody that could alarm the nation about these — please help. Shrek is about to be shown in the Philippines soon. Who knows where these products will end up.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bishop views 'Born Again' a sin

Marquez noted that Nantes’ death was sudden and unexpected and there was no way for the Church to determine his repentance from his being a “born again Christian” and a “Freemason.

Is this the official statement of the Roman Catholic faith or just the bishop's? I was saddened how the bishop of Lucena, Quezon termed - in effect - that being an Evangelical Christian (born again) is a sin. I'm also in disbelief how Bishop Marquez is so insensitive to the families and the bereaved of the late Governor Rafael Nantes. If the priests are the equivalent of the Apostle Peter, and each one aims to be like Jesus - I'm just sad that this church head is going the opposite direction.

"There is no politics in the decision of the Church. I just implemented the Church laws," he said. Bishop Marquez, there's no such thing as Church laws - the church embodies Jesus and Jesus wouldn't refer to a book and say, "I wouldn't be compassionate to this one because he's a sinner." How can you invite and promote change in society if all you can think of are the "clean" people going to your church? Jesus was with the despised tax collectors, the prostitutes, etc. He did it because he was reaching out and wanting them to see a better life - you Bishop Marquez just did the opposite thing. It's a shame we're better off following laws than following and doing the example Jesus did.

You may say there's no politics involved in your decision but you're out to please man (Vatican) - that's politics.

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