Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nescafe's Brown N' Creamy is out

Nescafe recently released its new three-in-one coffee products in the market called, Nescafe Brown N' Creamy 3-in-1 coffee. It is an apparent response to Kopiko's Brown Coffee and the market's growing taste and preference for coffee that has the "brown sugar" taste.

It's not as sweet and not as creamy, unfortunately. Kopiko Brown's Coffee is creamier and a smoother feel to it. Nescafe's is not like that and it's not good when the product claims to be creamy when it's actually not. But of course, that's me. Kopiko's edge is that it got out first, and it became the standard for this variant of three-in-one coffees. You have to have love for Nescafe to actually like this product. My verdict out of five stars? It's two stars only. But if you're a Nescafe loyalist and want to try this product, go check it out at Cooling Station. The product retails for Php6/sachet but we had to sell it at Php7.

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