Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Google Wave Will Live

No matter how much bashing Google Wave gets, I still think this Google application is a genius. The moment I got wind of its Beta testing, I requested for an account and started toying with it. As soon as I started using it, I saw all the possibilities that I can do with it to help me in my work and personal life. In fact, I dubbed it as the "Facebook-killer" because you can do so much more interactivity with it. In fact, I find Facebook (FB) mundane nowadays - reading other people's stats is not really that interesting for me. Yes FB gets me connected with other people but I need something more useful and meaningful that will last longer than pop culture - hint-hint.

People, especially in the Philippines, love chatting and sharing stories with one another. And Google Wave is perfect for that. In fact you can never go wrong with chatting because people need to exchange words than just posting and not knowing if people will connect or not. Google Wave thread any conversations (like gmail, of course) you make but with photos and other visual capabilities that could make the interaction more meaningful. You can share pictures, do polling, plan events, draft and edit documents, share music and videos, brainstorm. . .there's so much possibilities you can do with it. In fact, people that I asked to try it said they liked it too - especially when we start editing work online and real time.

With all the promise Google Wave can give me, I hope Google will not take The Wave out. I like the wave and there's huge potential in what it can do to help people get meaningful connections both at home and at work. I feel Google Wave didn't get the chance to be known more for people to enjoy its full potential.

Aside from "Facebook-killer," do you want to know what other names I gave it to tell people about it? Other names I gave were "Yahoo! Messenger on Steroids" or "Email meets Facebook meets Yahoo! Messenger." How can you not love Google Wave?

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