Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brazil's flood warning to The Philippines

I am taking the Rio Largo, Brazil flood as a warning to our country and I can't just sit down and pray that something changes. Though I do not discount the power of prayer - it is also my duty to act in my faith to remind my countrymen to do something about the flood that we've seen destroyed homes, properties, and even lives.

What are we doing, as a people, to prevent this?

This is the second time I will say it in my blogs. These floods are a warning to all of us who will soon be naming the next destructive storm that will precede Ondoy. I'm being sarcastic. Why wait? Let's do something about it and prepare for the heavy rains as much as the oath-taking of the next president. While we're on that topic, why not pray for President-elect Noynoy.

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