Saturday, November 20, 2010

What?! 'Pink' Lucky Me! Noodles?

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While doing my stock replenishment at a nearby supermarket, I chanced upon a very odd-looking product that caught my attention. It's pink and it's squeezed in the middle of the Lucky Me! Noodles section. I took it and discovered, it's Lucky Me!'s new product called, "Pork Ribs." Hahaha. I was not amused by the flavor but by the radical way Monde Nissin colored their new instant noodle invention. We always know that red and orange is the most attractive way to associate your product with food but pink? What gives? 


I researched the product online and it was so new, it's not even in Lucky Me!'s product page. Anyway, I bought five and placed it on my store's shelf. 


Cooling Station will always be carrying new, interesting, and tasty products that customers can try. It will be a good addition to the store's market that devours instant noodle soups and canton variants like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha. Let's see how they will react to a new pink noodle soup.  

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