Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coke 'bitin'

[Bē-tin] Colloquial for not being able to satisfy your needs in the Filipino vernacular. That's how I perceive Coca Cola right now. For those runs a business, it's tough isn't it? You have to know the business from inside and out. You have to feel your customers. Coca Cola, on the other hand, is acting like it never knew how to conduct good business practices.

Since February this year, Coca Cola has not supplied customers and store outlets consistently. A lot of the business it supports died already or is dying - including ours. We're exclusive Coca Cola wholesalers yet Coke couldn't supply the needs our customers (retail stores) are asking for.  

In terms of communication, Coca Cola has done poorly. It sent mixed signals about its state. So much so that rumors started circulating. A lot of people were saying that the soda giant is on the brink of bankruptcy - suffering from huge lawsuits that they're facing from allegedly a poisoned soda.

Another story surfaced stating more than two months ago that Coke is suffering from logistical problems. The story goes that Coke is in need of more bottles because the demand is greater than they could every fulfill and this is causing them problems. Yet another story came out stating that Coca Cola is suffering from its previous business handler. It's a long story but its basically putting the blame on the latter. And there are more stories that are going around. There's probably a hundred more stories floating and none of them are validated.

What's the point? You remain quiet - stories will circulate. Nasty stories. And Coke does not need that when they're already reaping good publicity out of their "Coke is Happiness" advertising campaign.

Coca Cola is basically managing its operations and public relations poorly.

In a book I read somewhere in Fully Booked that the employers of your business are not the ones who funded the business - it's your customers. If this is Coke's way of treating its customers by not being forthright with its business partners and customers then they have every right to fire Coke.

They are missing the fact that we're partners but by doing this they don't even know what they're talking about. And like their promises to budding business like ours - they're basically empty like this bottle.

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