Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guadalupe bridge terrorists

This message is not supposed to cause terror but to disturb you to do something about this incident.

My co-workers were driving home down EDSA crossing Guadalupe Bridge past 6 PM awhile ago. I usually drop my co-workers on the way to help them get home faster at least. We just made it to the initial section of the bridge plying on the fourth lane of five when all of a sudden I saw three very young men (in their early twenties or late teens) rough up a chubby middle-aged young professional. In a very swift moment, the taller person put a knife around his neck of the unsuspecting man while his two other companions started grabbing the man's rear and side pockets of his pants. The only word I could utter from the initial moment it happened was, "Uy, yon o!"

I motioned to the direction where the incident was happening and all three of my companions were alarmed. I started rolling down the passenger side windows and we were about to yell out to alarm other motorists. I tried to veer my car to the right but a passenger bus blocked my way. It was frustrating. All we could do at that moment was to hope for some bus passengers to do something but we don't know anymore.

We were stunned and shocked.

The man - as I still remember his facial expression - was bearing a grin as if to say, "okay, you got me. Do whatever you want just don't hurt me." He was resigned to his fate. He couldn't do anything. He was in a head-lock from behind and a knife stuck in his throat. He couldn't do much because the three thieves could either cut his throat, push him off the bridge, push him to the road and be run over by buses, or a combination of any these. It was a no-win situation. Poor guy.

I'm not surprised by this act but at the same time I feel so much anger and frustration inside This is the third of this incident I've heard and have now seen in a matter of two weeks. A week before this incident, our messenger nearly got his throat cut when three men tried to get his mobile phone. It's the same operation. Two or three days before this phone-stealing thing happened, a co-worker of ours who was walking down the same path got his wallet stolen with the same style of heist.

Can you help? Do you know anyone who works for the Makati or Mandaluyong City Halls? City police? Can we have more policemen guard civilians walking through this bridge? Can't civilians walk freely along this section of the bridge without being terrorized by muggers or thugs? Can you do something to help? All of us earn our keep and we should not be terrorized by these people who only have regard for their motives.

***The image above is the section of the bridge where these terror-thieves prowl and strike unsuspecting civilians.***

CREDITS: Thank you to Alfredo Camba, Jr. for this picture.