Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eight shallow questions about last night's hostage drama

Nothing will justify what former policeman Rolando Mendoza did last night to make the public take his side but what is more troubling is how the police did their job. Obviously, the police did not do a stellar performance in saving more lives or avoiding bloodshed during the drama and this brings forth a lot of questions what should have or shouldn't have happened. This goes the same with the media coverage: Did the presence of media hampered the effectiveness of the police operation? We just don't know. I'm posting some of those questions below to open discussion and learn valuable lessons from this as a concerned citizen of this nation. This will educate us and give us a broader understanding about the unfortunate incident that took place last night.

On the policeman's dismissal - We all know the disgruntled police officer snapped after hearing he lost his job from the service courtesy of the investigation made by the Office of the Ombudsman:

  1. Why wasn't the former policeman's motion for reconsideration heard?
  2. How many more cases like this is happening or will happen because the authorities in justice are not doing their job?

Just before the shooting started - It started minutes after the police (with full media coverage) took the hostage taker's brother into custody
  1. Who authorized the arrest of the brother of the hostage taker that potentially started the situation?
  2. Did the police know that the tourist bus have a television monitor to know what was going on when they arrested the brother of the hostage taker?
  3. Didn't they know that the media will swarm on the arrest of the hostage taker's brother?

On the assault - If you watched the live or taped coverage of the drama, you'll have the same questions
  1. What were the SWAT doing smashing the windows instead of using night vision goggles to track down Mendoza inside the bus?
  2. In smashing the windows why were the police lacking materials to perform their operation like having ladders to smash the windows?
  3. Why did the SWAT team go inside the bus without night vision goggles or even a flash light?

Photo credit: Pat Roque/AP (bus) / smh.com.au/AP (rolando mendoza)

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