Monday, November 22, 2010

Great 3-in-1 Coffee with a Perfect Blend

Rarely you find some product from the past that will just find its way back in the grocery shelf. Blend 45. I remember the Susan Roces commercial about this back in the 80s. I remember how plump and good those morning dew moistened coffee "cherry" fruits were being hand picked and turned in coffee from it's coffee "seeds." It was one beverage that I liked best to try when I was a kid. No kidding.

Fast forward. I was pleasantly surprised that Universal Robina Corporation took the chance to revive the product. Why? I never tried Blend 45. I was always eyeing this Yellow, Red, and Brown product off the grocery shelf but my mom would always get Nescafé. Drats. I finally had the chance right now - tall and mature - to actually try it. I bought the 3-in-1 Instant Coffee sachets and went home happy. 

Breakfast was usually Kopiko Coffee for me. I didn't like the Nescafé taste. I just got used to it but one morning, my wife, brought out this coffee that got my taste buds excited. I asked her if she brewed coffee or something. No, it's Blend 45 she said and this got me more excited. It's got that taste that - if you like Nescafé - will get you more excited because of the indescribable aroma that I can't love more. I now have a coffee I can call my own and it's Blend 45. It even cost less than Nescafé and Kopiko because I think it's introducing itself again in the market. It's less than 4 pesos. Why don't you try it.

Image Credit: Vintage Blend 45 ad:

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Was Lotto manipulated back in the days?

(Mandaluyong) IN THEORY there would be more people betting on the lotto prize of more than Php500,000,000.00 today but interestingly no one has won it yet. In comparison, I was told that during President Arroyo's time Malacañang Palace officials would win it more than one time. How true is this? If this is true, did PCSO had itself used for the wrong purpose? I'm researching this right now and it would be a heinous crime to fool the citizens of this nation. Just a (creepy) thought.

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Mabuhay, new 2010 CNN Woman Hero!

(Mandaluyong) A WOMAN who rescued and rehabilitated more than 10,000 young girls from sex slavery received CNN's 2010 Heroes Award after eight weeks of online voting by the public. Anuradha Koirala saved young women from sex brothels in the Nepal-India border child trafficking is rampant. "Human trafficking is a crime, a heinous crime, a shame to humanity," Koirala said after she was introduced in the recently concluded awarding ceremony. 

Her dangerous work started in 1993 and it birthed the Maiti Nepal foundation that rehabilitated a lot of young girls who were victims of this crime. Demi Moore, who along with his husband, Ashton Kutcher, said that her organization, "provided more than a shelter for these girls and young women, she has created a home. It is a place for them to heal, go to school, learn a skill, and for some who are infected with HIV/AIDS, it is the place where they can spend their days surrounded by love." 

She and the rest of the nominated Heroes for 2010 deserves the Mabuhay praise for her outstanding work and achievement that should be emulated more and more by the next generation.

To be involved in curbing and eventually eliminating Child Trafficking, I encourage you to visit Koirala's Foundation, the Maiti Nepal, and also get to know more one how to get yourself involved in SCTNow (Stop Child Trafficking Now) a foundation of Christians who are working to stop this kind of crime.

Click this CNN Heroes story link to know more about this heart-warming and encouraging story of our new CNN Hero.

Acknowledgement: CNNJohn Shearer of for Efren and Koirala's photos

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"Daddy. . .are you okay?"

My left foot stepped on a slope of a curb on my way to get our car to attend a church seminar on parenting. It was embarrassing. I literally collapsed in view of about twenty tricycle drivers converged on the other side of the road and a bunch of beauty parlor clients behind me who probably saw everything. It was painful. Not my pride - it's the farthest thing from my mind. I quickly recovered and was able to come into a one leg kneeling position waiting for the numbing pain to subside. A good minute passed then I stood up to walk, injured but walking - albeit slowly and painfully still.

I continued walking to my car, which is about a good 30 yards away. Ack! Eck! Argh! I thought to myself as neighbors cautiously ask me what happened. Each step was excruciating. I smiled and said, "natapilok ako."

Night time. Malou helped prepare a bucket full of ice and water and dipped my swelling left foot in it. "Aaaaaa!" It was more painful. I couldn't believe how painful it was. At this, my one year and eleven months old son, Kye, came and started rubbing my legs as I lay on our couch. With his innocent voice he ask me, "Daddy. . .are you okay?" It was still very painful - mind you - but I was amazed at how concerned he was. He understands. I couldn't care less what happened to me now when your son who, at his very, very young age, know that his dad is not okay and he was showing that much care.

Day two. It's Sunday morning and I wrote this piece in honor of God who taught me to teach and demonstrate love that I am now getting from my son. I never wrote anything about my fatherhood (which was one of the main purpose of this blog) experiences. I blinked and now here. I'm glad I blinked. It's was one of those moments that you would like to read over and over as time passes by. 

My son. I love my son. Thank you God.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mandaluyong, Lubusin ang Pera sa Basura

Basura. Pinandidirihan. Kinasusuklaman. Mabaho. Madumi. Pinagsisimulan ng sakit. Siguro pero hindi bagay na nabubulok ang aking sinasabi kung hindi ang pag-recycle ng basurang pwede pang gamitin.

Siguro iniisip ninyo na ang pag-re-recyle as isang bagay na hindi natin kailangan dahil ang issue ng pera at pagkain ang laging nasa isipan natin. Tama iyon pero puwede ba tayong kumain na hindi na iisipin ang pag-hinga? Dapat sabay, tama? 

Kailangan natin mag-recycle. Ang pag-isip kung magagamit pa ang basura ay dapat bigyang halaga upang lalo natin matulungan ang sarili natin. Paano? Sa pag-iisip ng paraan ng pag-re-recycle! Mapapakinabangan pa ba ang lumang diyaryo? Nagamit mong bote? Lumang damit? Tandaan, pera mo ang ginamit ng pambili sa bagay na ginamit mo. Hindi ba dapat pa nating lubusin ang paggamit nito na walang karagdagang paggastos pa? 

Sa artikulong nakita ko sa website (na ingles), tutulungan ka nitong bigyan ka ng idea upang makapag-recylce sa mga bagay na araw-araw mong ginagamit. Sa Amerika man ang halimbawa sa nakasulat dito, ang mga tips na binibigay nila dito ay makakatulong na lubusan. Sa puno't dulo nito, ikaw ay hindi lang nakakatulong sa iyong kapwa, ikaw din ay nagpapahalaga sa bagay na nabili mo ng iyong pawis (pera). Handa ka nang basahin ito? I-click mo'to.

Ito ang una kong artikulo na handog ko sa bayan ng Mandaluyong upang makatulong sa kapwa ko residente para sa ikakaunlad ng ating pamumuhay.

Mandaluyong, lubusin ang pera mo. Mag-recycle tayo!

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What?! 'Pink' Lucky Me! Noodles?

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While doing my stock replenishment at a nearby supermarket, I chanced upon a very odd-looking product that caught my attention. It's pink and it's squeezed in the middle of the Lucky Me! Noodles section. I took it and discovered, it's Lucky Me!'s new product called, "Pork Ribs." Hahaha. I was not amused by the flavor but by the radical way Monde Nissin colored their new instant noodle invention. We always know that red and orange is the most attractive way to associate your product with food but pink? What gives? 


I researched the product online and it was so new, it's not even in Lucky Me!'s product page. Anyway, I bought five and placed it on my store's shelf. 


Cooling Station will always be carrying new, interesting, and tasty products that customers can try. It will be a good addition to the store's market that devours instant noodle soups and canton variants like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha. Let's see how they will react to a new pink noodle soup.  

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nescafe's Brown N' Creamy is out

Nescafe recently released its new three-in-one coffee products in the market called, Nescafe Brown N' Creamy 3-in-1 coffee. It is an apparent response to Kopiko's Brown Coffee and the market's growing taste and preference for coffee that has the "brown sugar" taste.

It's not as sweet and not as creamy, unfortunately. Kopiko Brown's Coffee is creamier and a smoother feel to it. Nescafe's is not like that and it's not good when the product claims to be creamy when it's actually not. But of course, that's me. Kopiko's edge is that it got out first, and it became the standard for this variant of three-in-one coffees. You have to have love for Nescafe to actually like this product. My verdict out of five stars? It's two stars only. But if you're a Nescafe loyalist and want to try this product, go check it out at Cooling Station. The product retails for Php6/sachet but we had to sell it at Php7.

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Complete meal and advice website for Diabetics

Are you afflicted with diabetes? Do you know anyone who has it? If you want to help, refer them this website called Diabetic Gourmet. It has advice and tips you need to help them live a better life. It also gives valuable information for those who need to know more about diabetes. You don't need to second guess on how to help yourself and those you love. 

But the best part about this site is that it provides a book-full of recipes that doesn't apologize for the flavors it promises to make meal time a great time for diabetics. Check Diabetic Gourmet now and don't forget to bookmark it. Watch out for more related food finds and reviews as we unearth valuable information for you. Click Cooling Station to find where we are today.

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