Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Emmys recognizes Filipino illustrator

We're raking it in. US-based Filipino Illustrator Joseph 'Joe' Andrew Mateo, 38, won an accolade most of us (especially artists) would only dream of - winning the Emmys. Joseph has been featured so many times in the past by several media outfits showcasing his journey from his mediocre artist life to the most-renowned illustrator artist that he became known to be today.

Mateo won the Emmys for the upcoming Pixar-Disney produced made-for-TV feature-length animation, "Prep and Landing." If you've watched any Pixar movie before like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Up, then you wouldn't be a stranger to this newest offering. It's funny, full of humor, and all the sensibilities of a Disney movie. Mateo's career of fifteen years in Disney is definitely bearing more fruit than he could ever imagine. It's giving a lot of local artist in the country hopes and dreams to hone their craft and be given that chance for recognition. To see some of his works, watch Prep and Landing's behind the scenes here.

Congratulations, Joe and mabuhay!

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