Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DTI makes Gift Certififcates 'Expiration-less'

As a result, there will no longer be any expiration period for GCs except for those issued as part of a promotion, Trade Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya said Monday.

For some consumers, this is will be a lasting gift from the Arroyo-led Department of Trade and Industry (DTI): Gift Certificates without expiration.

Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya announced yesterday that the DTI signed a memorandum lifting restrictions on when Gift Certificates are supposed to be used. In effect, it will order all retail establishments to honor gift certificates that have expiration dates on them. The only restriction retained are those certificates issued under a promo that are 'time-bound'.

This is great news especially with the Rustan's Gift Certificate I'm holding on to, which I won during a game at a friend's wedding - more than a year ago. I don't really shop at Rustan's plus this certificate has a lot of restrictions so I have yet to decide, which item I can use it to buy things on. I'm biding my time because it has no expiration date and I don't shop at Rustan's. However, I do agree that money spent on Gift Certificates should not have deadlines on them - where do you see legal tenders having a deadline? That's ridiculous.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

On iPhone 4: Why Philippines have it better?

If you haven't heard the news lately, Apple just released an official statement about their iPhone 4's flaw. Apparently, Apple integrated the unit's antenna into the case of the smart phone. Bad move. When using a phone like this, you usually hold the area where they say it shouldn't be held on. That's why it's funny when Apple big boss, Steve Jobs, said this, "Just avoid holding it in that way."

The board room meeting in Apple HQ about this problem have ended already and production for the iPhone 4 Gen II should be out by middle next year. That's not Apple talking - that's me calculating when a new iPhone 4 with this new feature will come out.

While the world got hold of their new Apple gadget, the Philippines can wait and buy a much improved and more sensible iPhone 4. Who says being a third world country don't have its perks?

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arroyo Admin to Aquino Admin: Be kind and fair to Arroyo

"I wish that those coming in to govern in the coming weeks will understand, as they start engaging bureaucracy and the people in government, that they’re there to support. They should not look at our brothers and sisters in government as just people sitting around, and using their position for their own personal interest." - Donald Dee, PCCI Member

I wonder what he and Sec. Bautista-Horn means when they said to be fair with President Arroyo. Their statements want me to ask two questions: If they have nothing to hide, why fear? and Is President-elect Aquino that vindictive and blood-thirsty to put outgoing President Arroyo behind bars?

For Sec. Bautista-Horn's part, I think she got it all wrong if she thinks all the Filipinos ever want to have are infrastructures. I think it's wrong to surmise that all we want are tall buildings, modern trains, and tough bridges. In my opinion, the good secretary should've just be humble enough that the Arroyo Administration has all these to offer and we hope the incoming administration could just further help the Filipinos in their plight until 2016. Something like that. But to suggest what people should feel is not within their rights. Unsolved social injustices, railroading congress, and unaccountable system of governance does not even merit a grade of "good." It's poor and it's compromising the moral fibers of our nation. Lastly, I don't like what Sec. Bautista-Horn said, ". . .I am very hopeful that the next President will further build on our achievements for the greater good of our people." "Our achievements," Ms. Horn? As far as I'm concerned, I think you should've just termed it as "these achievements" because you sound like somebody owes something to this administration. I think the Filipino people do not appreciate tangible progress without the intangible progress.

For Mr. Dee's remarks, it makes me want to ask why people would think that everyone inside the administration are just "sitting around, and using their position for their own personal interest." Are you saying exactly what people thinks? If that was so then you hit the bull's eye. Your statements should be answered with, "if there's smoke, there must be fire." And you just admitted that there is something hugely wrong with this administration's branding and system of governance.

To the men and women of President Arroyo's administration, "Thank you." You guys did your best under the circumstances. But never dictate what those you serve should think about this administration. Allow the people to reap what you worked on and just agree with the statement said once before to allow history decide on what Pres. Arroyo and her administration did. If you think you did enough then that's probably good for you but let us think for ourselves.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

La Nina threatens Australia

It sounds funny to actually imagine that Australia will be bombarded by buckets full of water but that imagery does not bode well for those who will be affected by the continuous downpour of rain. Because of trash, clogged drainage, and undisciplined neighbors of ours - we are bound to suffer more than our neighbors down under. What is the government doing about it right now? Who's overseeing the progress of taking out the clogged sewer system we have in the city? Are we planting more than we should? The hot summer months killed most of the trees that's supposed to hold rain water from the highlands. What are we doing to remedy the situation? What are we doing to prevent disastrous problems?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coke 'bitin'

[Bē-tin] Colloquial for not being able to satisfy your needs in the Filipino vernacular. That's how I perceive Coca Cola right now. For those runs a business, it's tough isn't it? You have to know the business from inside and out. You have to feel your customers. Coca Cola, on the other hand, is acting like it never knew how to conduct good business practices.

Since February this year, Coca Cola has not supplied customers and store outlets consistently. A lot of the business it supports died already or is dying - including ours. We're exclusive Coca Cola wholesalers yet Coke couldn't supply the needs our customers (retail stores) are asking for.  

In terms of communication, Coca Cola has done poorly. It sent mixed signals about its state. So much so that rumors started circulating. A lot of people were saying that the soda giant is on the brink of bankruptcy - suffering from huge lawsuits that they're facing from allegedly a poisoned soda.

Another story surfaced stating more than two months ago that Coke is suffering from logistical problems. The story goes that Coke is in need of more bottles because the demand is greater than they could every fulfill and this is causing them problems. Yet another story came out stating that Coca Cola is suffering from its previous business handler. It's a long story but its basically putting the blame on the latter. And there are more stories that are going around. There's probably a hundred more stories floating and none of them are validated.

What's the point? You remain quiet - stories will circulate. Nasty stories. And Coke does not need that when they're already reaping good publicity out of their "Coke is Happiness" advertising campaign.

Coca Cola is basically managing its operations and public relations poorly.

In a book I read somewhere in Fully Booked that the employers of your business are not the ones who funded the business - it's your customers. If this is Coke's way of treating its customers by not being forthright with its business partners and customers then they have every right to fire Coke.

They are missing the fact that we're partners but by doing this they don't even know what they're talking about. And like their promises to budding business like ours - they're basically empty like this bottle.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brazil's flood warning to The Philippines

I am taking the Rio Largo, Brazil flood as a warning to our country and I can't just sit down and pray that something changes. Though I do not discount the power of prayer - it is also my duty to act in my faith to remind my countrymen to do something about the flood that we've seen destroyed homes, properties, and even lives.

What are we doing, as a people, to prevent this?

This is the second time I will say it in my blogs. These floods are a warning to all of us who will soon be naming the next destructive storm that will precede Ondoy. I'm being sarcastic. Why wait? Let's do something about it and prepare for the heavy rains as much as the oath-taking of the next president. While we're on that topic, why not pray for President-elect Noynoy.

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Charice joins Glee

Charice Pempengco, the YouTube star that became a big hit in the US is now joining Glee as a guest. We could only wish her the best even more.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scary Flash Rain Preview of 2010

Minutes before 6 PM, rain poured as the sun sets and the effect was reminiscent of Ondoy.

My family went for a short ride to San Juan to look for a restaurant where we will celebrate Father's Day. As we head off north on EDSA, rain started to pour: frist drizzle-then came the rain.

I read stories of flashfloods in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Europe, and India early this year and seeing how water was pouring hard gave me chilling thoughts of what Philippines was up to this year since we just experienced El Niño over the hottest-dry season on record. I'm also scared because our nation is still preparing for the new president's oath-taking by the end of this month. You also have President Arroyo winding down her work as Administrator and Commander-In-Chief and preparing her exit.

While driving around for ten minutes, I said "Let's go home." The hard rain reminded me of Ondoy and all I could think about was getting home. Big puddles of rain water started to form at the two outer lanes of EDSA causing more traffic as cars and buses alike drive at a snail's pace to avoid more accidents. I turned on my hazard lights (and so did others) to help others see me.

"This is a perfect disaster forming." I thought. With everyone turning their attention on other government matters, the residents are about to get hit by this storm system that not even the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa)  was able to warn us. I documented the experience and posted it on CNN's iReport so netizens can help me warn others about this potential disaster.

I'm not being pessimistic but for all intents and purposes, I just want this to be something that the Philippine government (outgoing and incoming) should focus on more this year. I am sure that flood-control, environment protection and its awareness, and disaster management will be one of President-elect Noynoy Aquino's acid tests of his job in the first 100 days in office. As they prepare for the party, I hope this government and the incoming one should be talking to avert any further loss of lives as we brace for La Niña. Let's wait and see as I pray for our people and the government to act decisively and fast.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fail: This Bishop thinks public schools can harm children

Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) president Msgr. Gerardo Santos said such transfers may hurt the students’ “psychological and emotional" side.

I think we're sending the wrong signal to our children and creating a bigger divide by saying this. I was private school educated from Don Bosco Makati and University of Sto. Tomas and I think people who got their schooling from cities with Integrated Schools and City Universities ('Pamantasan') have same - if not better - qualifications to lead after they graduate.

We're forgetting that education is the same and culture is what you make out of it. I think the bishop should address the concern of parents who are not instilling values to their children. How are they handling their values system and what is feeding the minds of parents that nurtures the minds of the children? The Bishop forgets that education starts from the home. I think that's where the psychological and emotional fears that should be addressed immediately.

Besides, our kids should be taught how to relate to any kid no matter what status they have in their lives. And if we do that then we're teaching our kids right.

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Binay, President-elect Aquino's first test

But pressed about Binay's preference for the DILG portfolio, Aquino said, "That's his right as a citizen, to express his opinion.

More and more it is becoming apparent that Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay will be President-elect Aquino's first acid test in his job as president. Binay made it clear after congress confirmed his election win that he wants the Interior and Local Government portfolio. Personally, I wonder why he wants that post so badly. I also think it was in bad taste for him to voice his preference when Aquino hasn't vetted any candidate yet for most of the cabinet positions in government.

Will Aquino give way to Binay? Will Binay become Aquino's thorn and be the opposition? More importantly, how will the nation react?

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hybrid rice from RP coming soon!

I'm proud of our continuing progress in the rice industry. This hybrid rice should help a lot of farmers, a lot of millers, a lot of retailers, and homes. It's great to know that we are continuing to develop our main staple and make more Filipinos happy. I'm proud of those people directly supporting this project. Let's keep it up.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Steve Jobs to crowd: 'We're having a little problem here'

"Well, I'm sorry, guys, I don't know what's going on,. . ."

Stever Jobs always wows the crowd with his remarkable presentations. I haven't been to one (and I wish I could see him do product launches in Manila - dream on) but you can just imagine how he weaves his magic and uses such tools like iPhones and iPads to push his product. This time, though, he was lost for words and couldn't get the wifi network to get back one. The whole thing happened - for what seemed to be for Jobs like an eternity - during his iPhone 4 product launch but the audience were forgiving. But they weren't as nice to AT&T who provided the wifi network to this event. Nonetheless, it was a welcome not that such an iconic person like Jobs is human afterall and that no matter how un-stellar the presentation was, people love Mac right now - no matter what.

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Obama and BP

A variety of critics have accused Obama of being too cerebral in his reaction to the undersea gusher now fouling the Gulf of Mexico . . .

"Too cerebral?" I think President Obama deserves more respect than that. These critics, which the media overstates further, that we either have a leader who doesn't think or one that thinks deliberately before he acts. None of them makes anyone happy.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Filipino recorded asteroid impact on Jupiter

This is my third blog post something about Filipinos. This time, it's something to be proud about.

If you have not caught the news yet, a Cebuano-based astronomer named Christopher Go was one of only two people in the world to catch the rare asteroid impact on the gaseous planet, Jupiter, last June 3.

The fireball was as big as planet earth, Go said, and it only lasted for two seconds. Catch it here.

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What's so funny about Filipino Time?

It's almost like a joke to a lot of my countrymen when they mention "Filipino Time" like it's the best thing that our culture has to offer the world.

Filipinos are so much into humor and mentioning this seems like it's always said in jest. But who's laughing when you think that "Filipino Time" actually means being late. The challenge with our modern culture is to actually kill this notion and have everyone start on time.

I remembered posting a meeting announcement recently for residents where I live. In big bold letters, I wrote the phrase - "We'll start on time." - at the bottom. I posted the announcement six days before the date and visible enough because it's right in front of the elevator doors. I started on time without waiting for other people to come in. We started on the dot. Late residents probably didn't like what I did but the five of those who came early appreciated that I took my words seriously. Everyone's time is valuable. You set a time - you mean it.

To help our nation BE ON TIME, I posted the link where everyone can sync their watches with the World Time Server. I guess this is the start to make Filipino Time means ON TIME.

Jesus said, "Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one." (Matthew 5:37)

Imagine that.

WORLD TIME SERVER - click here to see what time it is REALLY in Manila.

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Can someone help me with

I don't know what's going on but this has got to be fixed. Nearby Tweets is a place where you can connect from anyone near where you live. However, I don't know what's going on with my account after signing in because its not giving me the results that I want. However, I'm almost sure there's a browser problem because I used my other computer (PC) and it worked fine there. I'm using a Mac here and Mozilla Firefox v. 3.6.3 to browse the site. It's just giving me this "refreshing tweets" sign and it's not doing anything.

I hope someone can give me answers fast because it's a great application but it's not working on my 'top.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

CONSUMER ALERT! McDo in US pulls back toxic tainted glasses

This news just popped out of my Tweetdeck minutes ago and we, Filipino consumers, should beware. The said glasses' painted designs were tainted with cadmium - a metallic element - that could cause bone softening and kidney problems. It's good that these drinking glasses are found in the United States but you wonder if such products end up in the Philippines — and aghast! What if these products are sent to the Philippines to be sold to us? Who's regulating these from our local government? Who's protecting us? If you know anyone from the health department, customs, or anybody that could alarm the nation about these — please help. Shrek is about to be shown in the Philippines soon. Who knows where these products will end up.

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