Monday, October 4, 2010

Five (absurd) Thoughts Should 'P-Noy' Get Excommunicated

Let's say the Roman Catholic church continues with its excommunication of the president, what would happen next? Below are five thoughts (serious and farcical) that proves this move is counter-productive:

1. The church will be in danger of becoming irrelevant - At the end of the day, the government will continue to function and the president can convert to another Jesus-centered denomination? Will the government disenfranchise the Roman Catholic church? Interesting.

2. Jesus never excommunicated - Though the bible hinted on excluding a person out of the body of Christ, Jesus never said a message that a sinner can never repent and be part of the church once again. Did Jesus ever send fireballs from heaven to kill the Pharisees and those who condemned him? He teaches us to love our enemies right?

3. Excommunication is just on paper - The word means to suspend or to be deprived or to be out of communion. What does the Roman Catholic faith mean by this? It's just a paper. The person can just move on with his life and still believe in Jesus.

4. The Roman Catholic church will be sending the wrong signal - The church will cast fear on its members and it will be counter-productive. It could even mean excommunicating majority of its members. Why? Who follows the teachings the Roman Catholics give faithfully?  Lately, there are twenty-one incidents of excommunication in the 21st Century alone. See if the following things fall under the society's category.

5. We'll be included in the Guinness World Records (again!) for the first president to ever get excommunicated while in office.

So will excommunication ever prosper in light of this situation with the Philippines' birth control? I don't agree with abortion as well but I agree to President Aquino's point that the husband-and-wife should decide on matters like this. The only danger here is if the Roman Catholic church never taught its laity on the best possible decision that they will never regret. Abstention may be good but to stop short of telling them why is not progressive. Now, teaching faith that God will provide the kids' and parents' needs are best option to go. It's now up to the parents to decide for themselves but yes, never abort a kid when it's conceived.

If you want to know my initial thoughts about this whole deal between the government and the Roman Catholic church when the news became big, read it here.

Photo Credits: Pope, President Aquino

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