Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is this public-owned vehicle doing in Megamall?

Due diligence is a must to keep the public aware (in this case, Manila City residents) of public officials wanton abuse of our tax money for their own private needs.

This pictures were taken today (Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary day) at SM Megamall Building B, around 11:30 AM, at its second level parking. The two Manila City Tax-owned vehicles with District 1 Manila Congressman Asilo's name on it, were parked right in front of the mall's doors. Notice how they took out the plate number of the public vehicle to avoid being detected. However, they could not take away the conduction sticker off the windshield of the vehicle. They thought they won't be detected.

Ninoy's death in 1984 was the Filipinos' awakening of his/her consciousness of what should be done to right the wrong.

Does Rep. Atong Asilo know this? Does Mayor Alfredo Lim know this?

It's sad that such barangay public officials just don't get it. Let's fire these abusive people, please.

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