Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arroyo Admin to Aquino Admin: Be kind and fair to Arroyo

"I wish that those coming in to govern in the coming weeks will understand, as they start engaging bureaucracy and the people in government, that they’re there to support. They should not look at our brothers and sisters in government as just people sitting around, and using their position for their own personal interest." - Donald Dee, PCCI Member

I wonder what he and Sec. Bautista-Horn means when they said to be fair with President Arroyo. Their statements want me to ask two questions: If they have nothing to hide, why fear? and Is President-elect Aquino that vindictive and blood-thirsty to put outgoing President Arroyo behind bars?

For Sec. Bautista-Horn's part, I think she got it all wrong if she thinks all the Filipinos ever want to have are infrastructures. I think it's wrong to surmise that all we want are tall buildings, modern trains, and tough bridges. In my opinion, the good secretary should've just be humble enough that the Arroyo Administration has all these to offer and we hope the incoming administration could just further help the Filipinos in their plight until 2016. Something like that. But to suggest what people should feel is not within their rights. Unsolved social injustices, railroading congress, and unaccountable system of governance does not even merit a grade of "good." It's poor and it's compromising the moral fibers of our nation. Lastly, I don't like what Sec. Bautista-Horn said, ". . .I am very hopeful that the next President will further build on our achievements for the greater good of our people." "Our achievements," Ms. Horn? As far as I'm concerned, I think you should've just termed it as "these achievements" because you sound like somebody owes something to this administration. I think the Filipino people do not appreciate tangible progress without the intangible progress.

For Mr. Dee's remarks, it makes me want to ask why people would think that everyone inside the administration are just "sitting around, and using their position for their own personal interest." Are you saying exactly what people thinks? If that was so then you hit the bull's eye. Your statements should be answered with, "if there's smoke, there must be fire." And you just admitted that there is something hugely wrong with this administration's branding and system of governance.

To the men and women of President Arroyo's administration, "Thank you." You guys did your best under the circumstances. But never dictate what those you serve should think about this administration. Allow the people to reap what you worked on and just agree with the statement said once before to allow history decide on what Pres. Arroyo and her administration did. If you think you did enough then that's probably good for you but let us think for ourselves.

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