Monday, March 28, 2011

Despite apology, ABC5 and Willie is not sorry

Mr. Willie Revillame, the producers of 'Willing Willie' and TV5 sincerely and deeply apologize for the segment of the show featuring 6-year-old Jan-Jan Suan which viewers may have found offensive or in bad taste. We wish to stress that there was never any intention to humiliate or abuse Jan-Jan or any contestant on the show," said the statement.

". . .WAS NEVER ANY INTENTION to humiliate or abuse Jan-jan or any contestant on the show," was ABC5's statement to even justify what Willie Revillame did to a traumatized six-year-old boy.

Is it business as usual? I think so. A popular saying stated this, "Whatever will not kill you will only make you stronger." It seems like this event will only make - not just Willie Revillame - ABC5 bolder and audacious and empower Willing Willie to do more to get their ratings up.

One of the many things the public can do to get their message across is to publicly boycott advertisers of Willing Willie. Can this be done? If the conviction of the public is strong enough to send advertisers that indirectly 'prey' on minors by supporting shows like this, then we can see the success of this endeavor.

The question now is - is the public game?

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Willing Willie feat. JAN-JAN ang batang ASTIG sumayaw! (March 12, 2011)

In Willie's show in ABC5, "Willing Willie," the audience gave off huge laughter and approval as a kid does what Willie Revillame labeled as "Burlesque" dancing in reference to an old movie.

Dancing to a Snoop Dogg hit, the boy innocently gyrates to the beat. My jaw dropped. This boy was exploited - first by his parents, next by his tita (who brought him to the show), next by the producers of the show, next by Willie Revillame, then the audience, then the executives of the show.

What parent would have their son dance like that and think it's funny? It's bad enough that bar dancers want out of their jobs to do something decent then this.

I'm not going to talk about Willie because his reputation right now is predictable but the kinds of comments I read on Facebook that would just make you cringe:

"masyado kasi kayong malisyoso mag isip. OA ung reactions ng iba. duh. (You guys are full of malice in your thoughts. The others are just over reacting. Duh.)" - gorgeousgicel

"MGA HATERS WALA KAYONG MAGAWA SA BUHAY. TINGNAN NYO NGA ANG LIKES SA VIDEO AT DISLIKES. MGA BOBO (All you haters just have nothing else to do. Just look at the likes and dislikes. You morons.)" - MAEV123

". . .dirty dancing while crying what's wrong? talent nya yon ang masama lang kung pinahubad xa ni Willie ...Ano ba kayo konting bagay lang ginagawan ng issue...just watch and have fun (. . .That's his talent and what should be bad is if Willie asked him to take his clothes off ...What's up with you guys it's just a small thing that you guys are making an issue of. . .)" - MSYashegny

In the name of entertainment, the audience shows their approval like they would like their child to be bar dancers when they grow up.

I am praying for JanJan right now and I hope you will too after seeing this video.

I'm praying for that this kid will be blessed to have his mind protected by the corruption being instilled by his guardians. I am praying that Janjan's parents will understand soon enough that they need to love their child more and that this way of milking money from this child is not God's way. I am also praying for the audience - laughing and approving this vicious thing to this child - to realize and repent from this way of life.

I hope the MTRCB, DSWD, and Congress will do something to protect the child's welfare.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Marty's Launches Savory Spicy Flavored Vegetable Chicharon!


After Oishi's much successful product launch of it's vegetable chicharon, Marty's Salt & Vinegar, it just launched another variant - Spicy Flavor. I bought three big bags for my Cooling Station customers so they could try it out. I bought one for myself to see how it tastes like. I think it's really good and I had to drink a glass of warm milk just to take out the sting. I'll be stacking more in my store to anticipate more patrons.

This product was launched after Marty's re-launched Baconettes - the Bacon-less, Bacon-flavored Vegetable Chicharon. Ha! I think Oishi Brand Manager should pay me for that tagline. It's good but I think it's a bit saltier for my taste.

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Did Lopez Company Endanger Makati?

West Tower residents held a press conference at the condominium Monday morning to make the announcement and show how the situation worsened since last month when a siphoning operation mounted by their homeowner’s group was stopped by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Ever since gas and oil started seeping in the basement floor of the West Tower condominium, no one has sued First Philippines Industrial Corporation (FPIC) for endangering the lives of Makati City's residents.

Makati City Government
The mayor should have been the very first one to defend the city's residents. But I have not heard anybody from the City Engineer's office bring this matter to the courts.

Did you ever read or watch anybody from our media giants like ABSCBN, GMA News, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star raise as much concern as they would be with the current impeachment proceedings of the Ombudsman? Where are the columnists? Why aren't they helping create more awareness about this precarious situation of our citizens?

Makati City Residents
Why aren't they doing anything about it to help themselves? Are they ignorant of the danger? Are we living lives so simply that we couldn't care less if something under our feet will endanger us?

I was flabbergasted to realize that any catastrophic event can cause disaster of biblical proportions if these oil pipes will burst and explode.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

China, Libya has Philippines' Throat

PH ‘can’t openly support’ UN action on Libya - US Amb. Harry Thomas, Jr.

IT'S SAD that our nation is taken hostage by nations that hire Filipinos as workers. Ever since the new administration stepped in, it seems that we can't say anything or make a stand at any issue against any nations that hire our kababayans. China's leash dictated our non-support of Noble Peace Prize awarding ceremonies last year and now Libya government's position against nations who support the recent NATO attacks in his country.

What's next? Is this our foreign policy now? Would nations like China and Libya use our OFWs as pawns to hostage and muffle our political will in the international community? Is this a step to the right direction? I think President Aquino should take a clear stand and tell nations our people have value and they can't hold our citizens as negotiation pieces for their advantage.

We are a nation rooted in the laws of God. No nation can own us - let alone - tell us how we should act.

(Click the link above to read more about the story from the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

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More Should be Done for Autism

I applaud Mandaluyong for bringing this to light but more should be done. The article (click link above) should enumerate concrete steps how the Tiger City alleviated the plight of "special people." Steps like building wider sidewalks to accommodate people in wheelchair, building facilities and programs that will improve children with autism, wider insurance coverage for children with autism, assistance for autistic people who have lost their parents, and more.

Speeches are nice and streamers are good but more should be done. I hope our councilors should pass laws that make more sense.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

3D street painting contest @ Reliance Street

FILIPINO artists will have the chance to showcase their talent and passion at Avida Towers Centera 3D Street Painting Festival on March 18 and 19, 2011 at Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City.

If you want to see a different kind of art, you may want to drop by Reliance Street and watch artists create 3D art pieces like you've never seen before. I'm not just sure what they plan to do but it will be good to experience and see something different to open our eyes to appreciate this kind of work. See you there!

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Business Insight | Lifestyle

Avida Towers Centera holds
3D street painting contest

18th PTAA Travel Expo -->
--> -->

FILIPINO artists will have the chance to showcase their talent and passion at Avida Towers Centera 3D Street Painting Festival on March 18 and 19, 2011 at Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City.

With the theme "Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis", the art contest is part of the grand launch of Avida Land Corp.’s latest high rise project. The paintings will be open for public viewing starting March 19.

"What better way to mark the rise of another Avida Towers than to showcase the talent and creativity of Filipinos, whose artworks will adorn the street where this development will rise," says Avida Marketing Manager Tess Tatco.

The 3D street painting competition is open to all Filipino professional artists and students of all ages. Participants must form a team composed of three to seven members to qualify.

Contestants are required to submit a soft copy of their design at in JPEG format only on Tuesday, March 15 at exactly 10pm. Submitted design proposals must be based on the theme: "Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis". The final artwork will be 8 x10 feet in size.

Design proposals will be evaluated and sorted for inclusion in a short-list; short-listed proposals are considered the official finalists of the competition. The contest will begin at 8AM on March 18th until 6 AM of the following day, March 19th.

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HIV cases rise in Mandaluyong

"Lahat ng call center agents na magtatrabaho sa Mandaluyong ay kailangang ma-check mabuti before they are issued medical certificates,” Abalos said.

Why target call-center agents? So what if infected men are not issued medical certificates? They can always get fake ones. The question we should address is, "What are we going to do to help these men?" We can always drive people out of work and out of the city by publishing sharp comments like this, however, we will not address the main problem of transmitting the disease to other unsuspecting victims. There should be a change in the lives of these people and sadly the city administrators cannot offer any help to ease the pain of these workers. Sadly we are quick to shun them and fail to provide help.

Now to drug dependents and men who have sex with other men, how can we help them realize this destructive path they're taking? Their damning acts should stop and the community has the greatest opportunity to bring back values in their lives.

This article was successful only in causing more hurt to the city and to those whose lives are now ruined because of their mistake in getting this disease.

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HIV cases in Mandaluyong up | Metro