Monday, November 22, 2010

Great 3-in-1 Coffee with a Perfect Blend

Rarely you find some product from the past that will just find its way back in the grocery shelf. Blend 45. I remember the Susan Roces commercial about this back in the 80s. I remember how plump and good those morning dew moistened coffee "cherry" fruits were being hand picked and turned in coffee from it's coffee "seeds." It was one beverage that I liked best to try when I was a kid. No kidding.

Fast forward. I was pleasantly surprised that Universal Robina Corporation took the chance to revive the product. Why? I never tried Blend 45. I was always eyeing this Yellow, Red, and Brown product off the grocery shelf but my mom would always get Nescafé. Drats. I finally had the chance right now - tall and mature - to actually try it. I bought the 3-in-1 Instant Coffee sachets and went home happy. 

Breakfast was usually Kopiko Coffee for me. I didn't like the Nescafé taste. I just got used to it but one morning, my wife, brought out this coffee that got my taste buds excited. I asked her if she brewed coffee or something. No, it's Blend 45 she said and this got me more excited. It's got that taste that - if you like Nescafé - will get you more excited because of the indescribable aroma that I can't love more. I now have a coffee I can call my own and it's Blend 45. It even cost less than Nescafé and Kopiko because I think it's introducing itself again in the market. It's less than 4 pesos. Why don't you try it.

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