Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bishop views 'Born Again' a sin

Marquez noted that Nantes’ death was sudden and unexpected and there was no way for the Church to determine his repentance from his being a “born again Christian” and a “Freemason.

Is this the official statement of the Roman Catholic faith or just the bishop's? I was saddened how the bishop of Lucena, Quezon termed - in effect - that being an Evangelical Christian (born again) is a sin. I'm also in disbelief how Bishop Marquez is so insensitive to the families and the bereaved of the late Governor Rafael Nantes. If the priests are the equivalent of the Apostle Peter, and each one aims to be like Jesus - I'm just sad that this church head is going the opposite direction.

"There is no politics in the decision of the Church. I just implemented the Church laws," he said. Bishop Marquez, there's no such thing as Church laws - the church embodies Jesus and Jesus wouldn't refer to a book and say, "I wouldn't be compassionate to this one because he's a sinner." How can you invite and promote change in society if all you can think of are the "clean" people going to your church? Jesus was with the despised tax collectors, the prostitutes, etc. He did it because he was reaching out and wanting them to see a better life - you Bishop Marquez just did the opposite thing. It's a shame we're better off following laws than following and doing the example Jesus did.

You may say there's no politics involved in your decision but you're out to please man (Vatican) - that's politics.

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