Thursday, September 30, 2010

Would Excommunicating The President Solve Rising Population?

By now, the government is bent in curbing the rising population that it believes contributes to the poverty of this nation. On the clergy side, it's the issue of abortion that they go against. So what can anybody do about this situation? 

I think the Roman Catholic church is missing the point in this matter. It is the duty of the government to impose laws that will help the state deal with economic issues. It may not be the proverbial silver bullet that will end poverty - the government knows that - but it will be doing something to give the choice directly in the hands of the laity. The church on the other hand has the golden opportunity to reveal the message of faith and grace to which the gospel clearly says about such problems we face as a society. The church is not doing enough, however, and this is causing much support to the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

So what if the church excommunicated the president? Would that change the scenario? It's one bullying tactic after another between the government and the Roman Catholic church and this does not solve anything.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why is the RP Hostage-Taking, 83-Page Report only 59 Pages?

Curious how extensive and fast the investigation of the August 23 bungled hostage rescue drama, I downloaded a copy of the IIRC-prepared report and I immediately noticed that it only contained 59 pages out of the supposed 83-page report promised. What happened to the other 24 pages? What does it contain? I ask because the Aquino-led government is saying that it is promoting transparency, which I appreciate. But if they're going to promote transparency, why weren't there news about the missing 24 pages that the public needs to know? Why isn't the media pursuing this angle? Frustrating how our media is not thorough in shedding light in simple observations like this.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lawmaker's bill shows RP's desperation in basketball

“The 15th Congress has a unique opportunity to make a concrete contribution to our efforts to regain lost glory in international competitions,'' said Puno.

A congressman from Antipolo, Rizal filed a bill and attempt to make two foreign basketball athletes become Filipinos. The move is legit and there probably aren't any laws to bar the said legislator from doing what he did. If the law is passed and we become champions, he is definitely putting every Filipinos dream to capture the crown a reality. But he is also causing a dent to capture the crown legitimately. Here's why: (1) We're sending a signal that we really can't do it (win the basketball crown in Asia) without these foreigners - great as they are; (2) The congressman is showing a bad example to children that if you can't win it - you can change the rules - as you please; (3) It will show the world that we win contests by technicalities (FIBA rules), using loopholes to win contests.

What kind of culture are we teaching kids who are playing sports? What kind of culture are we teaching our children by passing House Bill No. 2307?

To describe my utter disgust with this lawmaker's reason for filing this bill, here's what he commented to the media, "The 15th Congress has a unique opportunity to make a concrete contribution to our efforts to regain lost glory in international competitions."

Frankly, congressman, I'm not desperate to giveaway passports in exchange for trophies and "lost glory." If you're Filipino - you're Filipino. Period.

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