Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What are the traffic authorities thinking?

(Author's note: Thanks to another blogger, I found out that this signage was done intentionally to raise awareness for a politician's bid to run as president this coming 2010 elections. After trying to make a fool out of me and other like-minded Filipinos, I've decided to scrap him and other candidates like him from a list I made who I want to consider as the Philippines' future leader Guess Who?)

My wife and I were on our way to visit a friend in the hospital when we chanced upon this signage in the intersection of EDSA and Ayala Avenue. This signage seems to summarize what the traffic authorities in my country is doing to solve street woes. They probably think putting up this signage in white is funny. It's not. They still have to put the white signage to add humor to their message as if the U-Turn slot sign is not clear. What is its purpose? Why do they have to do add a Carabao translation that will not add value and then add the name of a prominant Southeast Asian leader? It's insulting in those two fronts. It's a shame. This shot was taken last April 26, 2009 around 11:15 AM.

I hope they take this down if someone played a prank against the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority of MMDA. Can you help me? Let's raise this issue. (See related post here.)

Traffic Operations Center
Dir. Angelito Vergel De Dios
Tel. 882-2638; 882-4151 to 77 local 338