Saturday, May 22, 2010

Willie: Resignation, Wowowee, and playing god?

It is no secret that the program "Wowowee," for almost five and a half years, has been the core of my existence. The program gives me a sense of purpose because I make people happy and I give them hope that, despite their difficulties, they can make things happen for themselves.

Wowowee host, Willie Revillame, is seen to be exiting the popular noontime show of network giant, ABS-CBN. It will be remembered that the host put ABS-CBN in the spot by asking the management to choose between a radio entertainment host and him. The sadder part though is not his exit but his thought that he could play god to the people joining the show by giving "them hope." I wonder what person like this think by giving less privileged citizens of this nation money and making people rely on them instead of filling people with value like dignity, respect, and honor? Money will indeed blind you and it's sad that he already professed that his life revolving on a temporal matter instead of something that will give him more in life - say, The Bible. Move on, Mr. Revillame. There's more to life than material things and money. I hope you will be able to see joy beyond the money you enjoy.

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