Saturday, May 22, 2010

One of the reasons why I voted for Enrile

It’s a matter of principle. I cannot join a Manny Villar-led Senate,” Enrile said.

During Marcos time, he lost a lotta love from people. After EDSA Revolution in 1986, I loved the guy. During Cory's time, he was a jerk. During Ramos' time he became more of a jerk. During ERAP's time, he started lying low and during Arroyo's time - he made up for lost time. Sen. Enrile is not perfect but over the years, his bills and his stand makes a lot of sense. No one likes him because he's called an opportunist but years after I noticed a lot of changes and since then he's been consistent with this new found change. Sen. Enrile may be old and my contemporaries may not like him but if it wasn't for him - our mobile phone companies would've been abusing us right now. He led the inquiry against phone giants SMART, Globe, and Sun. Now, you're enjoying more talk time because of the bill he authored.

I may not understand him a lot but we need his wisdom and he is standing by his principles. I can't wait to see what 2016 will be like after his term.

Senator Enrile, you got my vote in the last election because we need your wisdom and you continue to contribute to this senate and in my eyes - so far - you've been fair. Please continue to be an example to all and I am glad you are an independent and I hope to hear more of your plans and bills soon. Mabuhay ka, Manong Johnny. Dahil gusto mo happy kami.

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