Monday, May 17, 2010

Do we have a minority president?

With 109 members in the House and about a dozen more likely to be added after the winners of the party-list votes have been proclaimed, Suarez said the Lakas-Kampi-CMD coalition could remain dominant with an ability to impeach the President to counter the Chief Executive’s power over pork barrel releases.

With a lot of Arroyo allies in congress, are we seeing a minority president coming on board on June 30th? This is a scary thing to see cause as it is right now, president-elect Aquino seems to be waging a war already with the incumbent president who just got elected as a member of congress who has the potential to be the House Speaker. She wields more than 100 plus house representatives while Aquino's liege only has fifty congressmen to speak of. I just hope and pray that we will not have a divided congress, otherwise, the people will eventually be the loser. For more of the story, click on the link above.

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