Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coping with our May 2010 Meralco Bill

Meralco just sent our store's electric bill the other day and it was shocking - Php9,783.30 for the month of April! Can you believe that? So the very first thing I told my crew was to control the use of the ice cream freezer.

I studied what was going on and this is what I found out. First, I realized that my average usage per month since late last year was 663 Kilowatt hour (Kwh). The store maintains an ice cream freezer, a tall two-door soda cooler, a shorter beverage cooler and a decent amount of lights. This was enough, I thought. However, we used 738 Kwh this month or 75 Kwh more than the average. I calculated the amount per Kwh this month and I realized it was Php13.26/Kwh. That's high I thought.

Out of curiosity, I computed how much per Kwh last month was and found out it was Php11.20/Kwh only. What shocked me though was when I found out that our October 2009 bill was only Php9.01/Kwh. Since I could not do anything much to control what Meralco is charging right now so I thought I should be changing things within my control. So the wisest thing to do right now is to set aside an amount from daily sales so I can be best prepared for these type of things.

The bill says that my store is consuming an amount of Php163 per day on electricity. I think it will be wiser to set aside an amount of Php200/day just to be sure. Overkill? Just being wiser for the rainy season (no pun intended).

Having cost-cutting measures in place and setting aside a budget, the only one thing left to do is to make promotions that would increase sales volume of Cooling Station. We'll just hope that the rate of electricity will go down next month. For now, I control what I can control to make sure my budget doesn't bleed.

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