Saturday, May 8, 2010

How would you vote? Here are my senators.

These are my candidates and would-be candidates in the national election:

Because of accomplishments:
1. Ralph Recto - no one love his eVAT but it helped the nation avoid recession.
2. Sen. Johnny Enrile - if it weren't for him, mobile phone companies wouldn't be giving users longer talk time and phone usage values.
3. Serge OsmeƱa - Should I say more? Read here his accomplishments:
4. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago - My president before; brilliant woman; a statesman and we need her wisdom. These are her accomplishments
5. Tito Sotto III - You might I'm joining the showbiz bandwagon but when you ask me what politician is effective in dealing with drugs, Sen. Tito Sotto III comes to mind. His accomplishments.

Because we need them
1. Ruffy Biazon - His character, impeccable; His work is admirable
2. Riza Honitveros - She opens her mouth and she makes sense.
3. Alex Lacson - Authored a book; he embodies my dreams for a progressive and righteous living Filipino.
4. Nereus Acosta - A come-backing politician (congressman) of Bukidnon and will represent the teachers and the improvement of our education (at least that's what his political ads say of him). A well respected academician. His profile.

Candidates I'm still praying for - I need three more to complete my senate list:
1. Sonia Roco - Does being the wife of a great statesman enough for you to be on the senate floor?
2. Jinggoy Estrada - I observed his work and when he speaks, he makes sense. His bio reads, "he introduced 289 bills and resolutions, two hundred forty-nine (249) of which were primarily authored by him. He took law at the Lyceum University while serving as Vice Mayor back then. He deserves a second look. We'll see. His work.
3. Kata Inocencio - I know she's an Evangelical Christian like me but I'm still assessing whether she'll be effective in the senate. I'm 80% convinced she's worth given a chance. Her short bio says she will be focusing her strength in passing laws that will protect women and children further. An attention that should never wane. Her biography.
4. Bongbong Marcos Jr. - Is he an effective politician much like his dad? Is he effective in his work? I read his accomplishments and he seems to focus in making the Philippines a proud nation in the eyes of the world. Let his work/s speak about it.
5. Adel Tamano - Promising at best but he gained prominence by being the spokesperson of the United Opposition, which was headed by VP Candidate Binay. He belongs to another team, Villar-Legarda. His youth may prove to be his strength and he may be given that chance. We'll see. His biography
6. Pia Cayetano - Synonymous to triathlon races and biking but I never heard of her accomplishments until I got to read her senate bio. I almost placed her in the "People that should not be back in the senate" list because she seemed to be doing more outdoor activities than staying put in the senate floor doing the work of a senator. I'll be praying if she should be in my list of twelve senators. Her work.
7. Gwendolyn Pimental - Daughter of senate's old man, Nene Pimentel. She took law and public administration courses. It makes you wonder if Sen. Pimentel was really prepping her to replace him during this time. She seems capable and reading her biography, she will be specializing in uplifting children's welfare.
8. Franklin Drilon - The former Senate President of the 12th Congress that was touted to be the action senate that passed a lot of bills under his watch. Praised by many fellow senators. I may need another elder statesman in the list. We'll see. His biography.
9. Yasmin Busrao Lao - Of the three muslim candidates I read, she is the one that makes more sense. She's an accomplished public servant and she will champion the cause of our brothers in Mindanao. Her biography.

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