Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why some people are voting for Noynoy

“Who are you going to vote on May 10?”






“I don’t want to waste my vote.”


This is the common phrase I hear now. I dug deeper and got these answers (you are probably one of either two profiles): they have a “losing” candidate who never topped a survey or they don’t want Sen. Villar to win.


I wrote in earlier blogs that people seem to choose Noynoy because of he’s an “Aquino.” He is the son of the well-loved former president Cory Aquino and assassinated Sen. Ninoy Aquino. So what? We don’t seem to know the consequences of our actions? To many, it’s like a pageant where you bet for the more popular candidate. But will popularity put food on our table?


Others will vote “Aquino” because they don’t want Sen. Villar to win. The latter has unanswered allegations of corrupt practices reminiscent of President Marcos and President Arroyo.


Seriously, isn’t our family’s interest more important? Which of the nine candidates want a better health care system, or one who cares for the environment? Which of them wants to strengthen food security and promote free education?


Don’t vote for Sen. Villar – good! Why Sen. Aquino? What has he done as a senator? Check the Senate website and look for bills he authored. And people who will vote for him said they don’t want to waste their vote. It’s already wasted the moment they vote for him for the wrong reasons.




Sen. Aquino’s accomplishment record:

His campaign platform of governance:


Sen. Villar's accomplishment record:

Sen. Villar’s unanswered allegations in congress: C-5 road scandal and Vista Land scandal

His campaign platform of governance: found on Philippine Online Chronicle, but not in his campaign website

Acknowledgement: Noynoy photo

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