Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trashed around

If you wonder why Filipinos love to litter - it's because trash cans are scarce. You hardly see them in malls and you'll be thankful to find one, if ever you do. I wonder what the priorities are of mall managements in the country but it seems odd to say that we're going "green" and "environmentally friendly" when you can't provide the basic necessities of consumers.

If we're out to make more clean-conscious citizens, I think we should put more efforts making these bins available to mall hoppers.

Something's fishy: It's odd that consumers don't throw trash inside malls - you wonder what made that culture in the minds of shoppers. That may be a good thing but perhaps they're resigned to the fact, they can't find one when they go to malls. If shoppers keep trash inside malls, you now wonder again why they can't bring that culture outside the streets.  Any thoughts?

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