Friday, April 16, 2010

What was Pepsi thinking?

Coke is number one. I think that is established. Pepsi? It wants to be number one but what is it trying to do by changing it's logo for the nth time? It seems like Pepsi doesn't know what branding is. Perhaps Pepsi thinks that by coming up with a "cool" logo that it could muster enough following. Perhaps it could be a way to maintain their number two status. If this is what Pepsi is doing then they're doing a good job.

To me, Pepsi is a good brand and it always has the chance to become number one. I think their Pepsi Max rocks. It's what I look for than buying their "Light" drinks or even Coke Light or Coke's Zero brand. I don't know why they didn't continue riding on that success formula. Basing from what I saw in the cafeteria's cooler, it does seem like a picture of confused individuals not knowing what should be done with their brand.

Pepsi forgot that building a brand starts from trust and by changing their logo, it tells me that they are confused and that cannot translate to trust.

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