Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foreign investors like Sen. Aquino to be president BUT...

I'm not a seer but I think everything will now go Sen. Aquino's way. I'm saying this because this news translates that this election is all about "good vs. evil" - sadly, again.

The epic battle between the good forces and the bad is dictating the way this Philippine election is shaping up. I will be hard pressed to say that the spirit of EDSA Revolution is upon this nation once again when all we think about is how good good is and bad is just bad. I lament how we cannot think further than that. I don't like the bad forces too but it seems like foreign investors like Noynoy because he is the preferred choice of the majority and if he wins there is peace. If there is peace there is unity and unity dictates how the people will go about their tranquil lives.

However, that will not be the case because Noynoy and his Liberal Party members do not have a platform to speak of. Sen. Villar's assessment was true when he said that a lot of shady Arroyo characters (describing Pres. Arroyo's men suspected of corrupt characters) are moving into Noynoy's camp but so is Villar's camp. They're both full of shady characters.

That's doubly bad. Shady characters plus questionable platform of governance equals questionable future. Just look at his website and see if his platform speaks of specifics. You will see that its full of nice words and promises - that's it. It's just sad to see that people will be voting for Noynoy because he is Pres. Arroyo's direct opposite - period.

Now, reading back the Philippine Star article further said that foreign investors want the future president to put a premium on "...policy programs on economy, education and trade relations." Huh?

If Sen. Aquino does not have a platform to begin with then who will do it? The Liberal Party's shenanigans? If so, one placed into power, they will start a "plotform" that may put this nation further to nowhere.

I don't question Sen. Aquino's ability but I question his capability to steer this country to the right direction.

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