Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who I am voting for this election: Neptali Gonzales II

Of all the candidates I was screening for this coming elections, I had to think twice and research about Neptali Gonzales II - our congressman in the lone district of the city of Mandaluyong.

I almost didn't choose him because of his affiliation with the current administration and because he seems to be a "Yes, ma'm (or man)" to whatever the current person in power asked him to do. Congressman Gonzales is running unopposed in the City of Mandaluyong. Most of the time, I even wondered if he was thinking about me and his constituents. I find it silly that he co-authored resolutions and bills against "Desperate Housewives" producers (HB00267) and against verified complaints about the President (HR00892) in the ZTE scandal.

But I finally decided to vote for him because...

  1. His accomplishments for the city of Mandaluyong and co-authoring bills that vastly opened my eyes for the accomplishment of the congress he is currently a member of.
  2. His bills reflect what's best for the students of Mandaluyong.
  3. He cares about women, children, the judicial system (adding more courts). 
With all due respect to him, I now think he's really thinking but I do hope that he fights more for what is right and not what is politically convenient. He's holding a national office and chairing important positions in the House of Representatives. I expect more of him in the coming new congress and I'm voting for him not because of his affiliation with Noynoy Aquino. I'm voting for him to give him another chance to do with is right - not in my own eyes or the eyes of politics and affiliations but in the eyes of God.

To know more about him, visit the House of Representatives' website of Rep. Neptali M. Gonzales II.

Congressman Gonzales you have my vote this time.

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