Sunday, April 25, 2010

Showing you care for your child

"Obey, Kye." I made a boo-boo not understanding what Kye was saying after I took him to our bedroom and into his crib as I asked him to apologizes for his misbehavior...

Side note
Kye, in his very young age of one year and four months, understands relationships to a lot of things and how some things work. My wife and I demonstrate things we want him to understand almost everyday and he surprises us his keen understanding of so many things. This instance of not following my words is something that happened before and he immediately apologizes and/or nods or turns his head to things he agrees, disagrees, etc.

... No answer. He looks away from me and seems to ignore. This charade lasted for more than ten minutes until I asked my wife to take over as he cries and cries.

I realized later from my wife that he got poop in his diaper and he wanted it changed but his dad didn't understand what was going on.

In short he went to sleep upset so after he woke up with me staring at him with regret and apology - he started to cry.

I had to make him understand that I'm sorry and with his mom's suggestion to play with his favorite toy - our red 2005 Kia Picanto - he obliged immediately and clung to me wearing only his diapers. (See pictures)

It was a hard lesson for me to understand with what my son was trying to say but like a child's heart - he forgave me - not because of favorite red car toy - but because he was willing to let go of what's hindering us and find a common ground to enjoy the time and bond all the more for the interest of this family relationship. It was a good day like any other day.

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