Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spread the word about Ladies Choice new products

Are you tired of spreading the same old tuna, chicken, bacon, and others sandwich spread products out there? Ladies Choice just introduced its new offering after some two decades of supposedly researching and giving the sandwich loving market new products to enjoy the mundane and boring bread loafs in the groceries. If you like the ol'chicken spread, Unilever (makers of Ladies Choice), now introduced Chicken BBQ along with Bacon Mushroom and Roast Beef. Sounds exciting right? I got excited as well and bought one 80mL packs each just to try it out.

My wife had me try the Roast Beef one and I have to give it a thumbs down sign. It's just too sour and I didn't even taste the beef. I tried it again two days later and prepared the sandwich myself. I saw the beef bits but the taste is still the same. Nothing to celebrate about. I got skeptical with the other two, all of a sudden. But I will still try em and give my feedback here. I looked back and compared the new offering and the previous ones and I must say that the old flavors still rocks. Unilever hasn't released any commercial about these new products but they need to do something about it now. I beat em to the punch.

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