Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why boycott CDO?


In an official statement, CDO Foodsphere, Incorporated would rather continue their business with Willing Willie out of good faith. In contrast, Jollibee Food Corporation, pulled the plug from Willing Willie taking a chunk of advertising money from the embattled prime time show.

With CDO it's business as usual taking TV5's good faith promise. They took TV5's word that the show will not be the same again. Who are they fooling? Would Willie Revillame become squeaky clean like Piolo Pascual overnight? We know Willie. We know that advertisers make its research before they decided to buy commercial and promo spots in the show. We know CDO's market relies heavily on the popularity of Willing Willie's format. 

So for CDO to say, ". . . TV5’s WillingWillie has, no doubt, jolted us out of our comfort  zones as an advertiser in the top-rating show," is not true. Child exploitation shown on national television should've angered the executives of CDO but it would rather continue to fund this show out of "good faith" because they "are not in the position to pass judgment on the incident."  

CDO saw Jan-Jan's tears and dance, got jolted but they cannot pass judgment on the show. What values does CDO speak of now?

I am boycotting CDO products because I am against child exploitation and abuse and they continue to turn a blind eye on 6-year-old Jan-Jan Estrada's situation.

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