Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jan-Jan's Culture reflects our nation's culture: Trash in, trash out


I REMEMBER seeing this dance called, "Otso Otso," which was popularized by Bayani Agbayani and Vhong Navarro back in 2004.Kids started to dance the routine. Mommies started to dance it, cousins started to teach their nephews - it was the craze.
It was the same dance I saw in the clubs in California, USA. It's called a 'Booty Dance' (Butt Dance) where men can pair up behind women if you know what I mean (see picture above). "Why are people dancing this?" I asked.
Years past and more dances came up, "Spaghetti", "Bulaklak", "Hotdog" dance and the likes came out. Children start dancing it more with their parents, uncles, aunts and neighbors. People started dancing it in birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, and in television shows. It's the "in" thing. 
In retrospect, I wouldn't be surprised if Jan-Jan Estrada's parents (Willing Willie fame) didn't think it was bad because we've tolerated it. We've allowed it. It was the culture and it was FUN. With the entry of pornographic indie films in 2008, the balance between right and wrong was now blurred. Strip club dancing has become the norm.
That blurring caused all these confusion and people can't now know the difference between 'lewd' and appropriate dance. Willie Revillame didn't think it was wrong. How can he discern?
To those who understands, I'm not about to go Taliban on this topic but our culture needs to be more discerning. Not every thing that we see is right and I hope we can teach our children values so they'll grow up right.
You probably heard the term trash in, trash out. It simply means if you let trash in your life you will definitely stink. What happened to the March 12 incident in the Willing Willie show was a stench that the public couldn't bare any longer. It's good that we're cleaning up.

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