Friday, April 1, 2011

Help us Tell Willing Willie Advertisers, STOP!

THERE'S POWER IN NUMBERS: If you want to help stop Willing Willie's unjustifiable maltreatment of its contestants - including children - please help me write letters to advertisers asking them to stop advertising in that show. I made a template letter you can copy and paste as you write your letters directed to the heads of marketing from each advertiser of the show.

The links of each advertiser's contact us form is found below.  

Dear Head of Marketing:

The Willing Willie March 12 incident became the spark of a public display of indignation detesting the culture manifesting from this show. The producers of the show lacked remorse when it issued a public apology supposedly addressing the situation. 

I can no longer tolerate the producers claim that this is an isolated incident. I detest the offensive excuse and remark TV5, Willie Revillame, and the executive producers gave in defense of their action towards the 6-year-old contestant, Jan-Jan. 

Willing Willie no longer reflect the ideals of your product. Please pull out your budget from the show and re-direct it in more effective promotions in other mediums/networks. If not, I will boycott your products as a sign of my support to the preservation of every person's dignity guesting on this show.

WILLING WILLIE ADVERTISERS (Click on the link to re-direct you to the brand's contact page)

Unilever - makes Vaseline

Contact Us:


Contact Us:

Liwayway Marketing makes Oishi crackers

Contact Us:

P&G makes Colgate

SMART Communications

Aldrtz Corporation makes Pau Liniment


Nurtiasia makes UFC Banana ketchup, Mang Tomas

Cebuana Lhuillier

Belo Medical Group

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