Thursday, April 7, 2011

The challenge Monique called on artists

"They hired him for ratings and money at the expense of the integrity, dignity and self-respect of the most vulnerable in our society."

I APPLAUD Monique Wilson's stand on Jan-Jan Estrada's issue, the 6-year-old traumatized boy on TV5's Willing Willie show. She called on fellow actors to draw the line and make a stand against shows (taped or live) that exploit and abuse children.

Her stand - and the likes of Lea Salonga - gives a tinge of hope that, no matter how influential Willie Revillame is with his wealth, there are artists who will stand up to fight children's rights. Where is Piolo, Sharon, Regine, John, Kris, Sarah, Bea, Ruffa, DingDong, Marian, Sam, and the rest of the television and movie actors? What's their stand? Where do they stand? Are they allowing this to happen? I challenge them to do what Lea and Monique did.

I know it's difficult - given their relationship to Willie - but why not issue a press release supporting respect for children? They don't have to mention Willie but they should support children who are being abused blatantly in society. This matter happened in their own backyard and they should keep the trash out of their community.

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