Monday, March 21, 2011

Marty's Launches Savory Spicy Flavored Vegetable Chicharon!


After Oishi's much successful product launch of it's vegetable chicharon, Marty's Salt & Vinegar, it just launched another variant - Spicy Flavor. I bought three big bags for my Cooling Station customers so they could try it out. I bought one for myself to see how it tastes like. I think it's really good and I had to drink a glass of warm milk just to take out the sting. I'll be stacking more in my store to anticipate more patrons.

This product was launched after Marty's re-launched Baconettes - the Bacon-less, Bacon-flavored Vegetable Chicharon. Ha! I think Oishi Brand Manager should pay me for that tagline. It's good but I think it's a bit saltier for my taste.

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