Monday, March 21, 2011

Did Lopez Company Endanger Makati?

West Tower residents held a press conference at the condominium Monday morning to make the announcement and show how the situation worsened since last month when a siphoning operation mounted by their homeowner’s group was stopped by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Ever since gas and oil started seeping in the basement floor of the West Tower condominium, no one has sued First Philippines Industrial Corporation (FPIC) for endangering the lives of Makati City's residents.

Makati City Government
The mayor should have been the very first one to defend the city's residents. But I have not heard anybody from the City Engineer's office bring this matter to the courts.

Did you ever read or watch anybody from our media giants like ABSCBN, GMA News, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star raise as much concern as they would be with the current impeachment proceedings of the Ombudsman? Where are the columnists? Why aren't they helping create more awareness about this precarious situation of our citizens?

Makati City Residents
Why aren't they doing anything about it to help themselves? Are they ignorant of the danger? Are we living lives so simply that we couldn't care less if something under our feet will endanger us?

I was flabbergasted to realize that any catastrophic event can cause disaster of biblical proportions if these oil pipes will burst and explode.

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