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Avida Towers Centera holds
3D street painting contest

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FILIPINO artists will have the chance to showcase their talent and passion at Avida Towers Centera 3D Street Painting Festival on March 18 and 19, 2011 at Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City.

With the theme "Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis", the art contest is part of the grand launch of Avida Land Corp.’s latest high rise project. The paintings will be open for public viewing starting March 19.

"What better way to mark the rise of another Avida Towers than to showcase the talent and creativity of Filipinos, whose artworks will adorn the street where this development will rise," says Avida Marketing Manager Tess Tatco.

The 3D street painting competition is open to all Filipino professional artists and students of all ages. Participants must form a team composed of three to seven members to qualify.

Contestants are required to submit a soft copy of their design at in JPEG format only on Tuesday, March 15 at exactly 10pm. Submitted design proposals must be based on the theme: "Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis". The final artwork will be 8 x10 feet in size.

Design proposals will be evaluated and sorted for inclusion in a short-list; short-listed proposals are considered the official finalists of the competition. The contest will begin at 8AM on March 18th until 6 AM of the following day, March 19th.

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