Sunday, March 20, 2011

China, Libya has Philippines' Throat

PH ‘can’t openly support’ UN action on Libya - US Amb. Harry Thomas, Jr.

IT'S SAD that our nation is taken hostage by nations that hire Filipinos as workers. Ever since the new administration stepped in, it seems that we can't say anything or make a stand at any issue against any nations that hire our kababayans. China's leash dictated our non-support of Noble Peace Prize awarding ceremonies last year and now Libya government's position against nations who support the recent NATO attacks in his country.

What's next? Is this our foreign policy now? Would nations like China and Libya use our OFWs as pawns to hostage and muffle our political will in the international community? Is this a step to the right direction? I think President Aquino should take a clear stand and tell nations our people have value and they can't hold our citizens as negotiation pieces for their advantage.

We are a nation rooted in the laws of God. No nation can own us - let alone - tell us how we should act.

(Click the link above to read more about the story from the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

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