Monday, March 16, 2009

Men, why carry your lady's bag?

Ever since my wife ordered me not to carry her bag, I never thanked her enough.

I don't know what other women will say about this issue but I just think that men shouldn't be carrying a woman's purse. It's just wrong. It degrades men and mind you, that's no chauvinistic statement nor is it an attempt to excuse men from being courteous.

Can anybody tell me what started this practice? I could only guess why, but this 'practice' should stop. Some men swear their sexually secured and couldn't care less about carrying purses. Other men say they will do it out of 'love.' While some other men will do it for the sheer intention of helping the women they like. Whatever the reason is, I think men should change their way of thinking and ask this question: If men would carry necessary things women should do then, will men wear lipstic, put make up on, wear skirts?

I don't think the contention should go farther than that. Why? Simply because women carries stuff that compliment their look, matches their clothes, and compliments their overlook fashion. That's it. Are men accessories? Are men part of their 'overall look?' If so - men dating women like these and forces them to carry their things should think twice.

And what did my wife tell me about this? She plainly says that men carrying their woman's purse gives the wrong signal, the wrong impression. If men will prove their love, courtesy, and sweetness to their lady then why not start by giving women R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Open doors for them, listen to their needs, date your wife, give them words of encouragement...but carrying their bags? Riiiight...

We, men, can do better.


  1. It really does look weird when men carry women's purses. It's nice for them to want to help, but I think it would be nicer to help with shopping bags, and other heavier bags instead. :D

  2. I agree, but like the Marcos Supreme Court, believe I am "powerless" to do anything about it. :P

    Anyway, well said! :)

  3. Odd that three of the four men whose photos you've taken are wearing green.