Sunday, March 29, 2009

McDonald’s earth-friendly food container

My wife and I went to Rockwell Mall, Makati (Side note: My wife just finished working on our family budget. It took her the whole day to look for the right template for this work and she did it so nicely.) to spend time making blogs. We were supposed to eat at the cafĂ© located beside Fully Booked but I suggested checking out McD’s in the basement and perhaps save more money.

We ordered light snacks – just enough to fill us for the next meal. When the food was served in my tray I was surprised to see a box-type container that says, “Spaghetti” on top. I took it and examined it closely. “Will you look at that,” I said to myself. It was something different. McDonald’s new container is boasting to all its competitors that something could be done to correct the damage the population is doing to the environment. I don’t need to elaborate the good effects of coming out with recyclable materials. But coming out with paper-based food containers is a long overdue idea that should’ve been done by fast food giants of the world.

The manager trainee ‘Don’ told me that the new containers are implemented in select McDonald’s stores. Out of more than two hundred plus McD’s fast-food chain, box-type containers are used in ten stores scattered around the country. That’s less than five percent. Well, it’s a start. I just hope that other companies like Jollibee, Wendy’s, Chowking, Greenwich will challenge each other to look for earth-friendly food containers more.

In this environmental conscious time, I am always applauding establishments who don’t think about profits all the time. They go for what is right and invest in something that will last longer and bigger than them. Producing box-type containers is more expensive but it should be the standard. The owners, executives, managers should always keep their kids and their kids’ kids in mind when they continue to run the operations of their business. Besides, the bottom line is the environment their family will inherit.

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