Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bubbling Brook and the Deep Well?

Are you a bubbling brook or a deep well? In a married life, they say either one of the partner is a bubbling brook or a deep well. Simply put, one always likes to talk (Bubbling brook) while the other tends to be quiet and will not do much of the talking (Deep Well). I find this to be so true in almost all couples I know. Someone will always do the spokesperson persona, one who would give out ideas, one who would always negotiate while the other would rather be quiet, the one who would stay out of the limelight and have his/her partner do more of the talking.

Now look at yourself and your spouse. Are you a bubbling brook or a deep well? Think deeper and ask why you think your spouse is either one of that tag? Oh yeah, men in more cases you can imagine can be the bubbling brook. We don't want any stereotyping here.

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