Saturday, January 29, 2011

Writing for Business As a Writer, Huh?

Malou and I attended this "Writing as a Profession" seminar held this afternoon at a nearby mall. All the resource speakers were talking about getting money from writing. I didn't hear a single speech about how to improve or love the work you're doing in writing. They forgot to help attendees put more heart into their work. 

I didn't hear anybody talk about passion and the deep sense of appreciating the work of writing. Passion for me is doing something even if you're not paid to do it. Disagree or not but imagine all the artists that we have now - I'm sure they all did their work without even thinking about  making it big. Think about Jose Rizal - a prolific writer you think - but did he ever imagine that will make a big deal out of his work? He didn't write Noli Me Tangere or El Fili with the thought, I will make it big doing these works. So I really had a hard time digesting what the theme of the workshop was all about. 

As writers, we'll be missing the point if all we do is write with the financial status in mind. For me, writers who think about money as the end of their means needs to know how to write again.

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