Monday, May 11, 2009

FAIL! Manual BREAST PUMP dapat!

Of all the things that people will screw up on is the name of a gadget that should be easy to spell. What the heck is a "Brerst Pump?" The spelling should obviously be spelled as "Breast" but since the retailing company already came out with its packaging and someone is already suffering from this flak (somewhere in China?), the store simply continued selling this product to the consumers.

To our culture, this is just "puwede na" or "good enough," but really is it good enough? Why settle for this kind of output? Why even come out with a misspelled product to begin with? This is clearly FAIL (in blogging terms). Our culture should be adhering to higher standards and this should not happen again.

Where did I see this?
Look closely and you'll see that the brand is Baby & Co., a product by SM Department Store. Did you find any similar product that has this kind of boo-boo? Share 'em. Write me at

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